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SPOTlight 2015 part five [Få sat ansigt på de internationale branchefolk + tips!]

MXD Reporter

MXD blogger i real-time fra SPOT Festival 2015! Vi spørger de SPOT+-delegerede om, hvilke bands der indtil videre har gjort indtryk og hvilke andre de har planlagt at se. Følg med på bloggen og få sat ansigt på danske og internationale gæster og en fornemmelse for deres smag.

2010-01-02 20.04.12

Jon Møller Madsen, Nordic Music Society

Hi Jon, what are you doing at this year’s SPOT? I’m introducing my artists to the right people. Mainly the Germans and the British. Also I’d like to make contact with some music supervisors.

Have you seen any good concerts so far? Julias Moon and Bye Barat. Both of which are my own artists.

How about tonight? I’ll be watching The Radar Post.


2010-01-02 20.11.57

Max Domma, Reeperbahn Festival

Hi Max, what are you up to here at SPOT? I’m mostly looking for new bands for Reeperbahn.

Did you see anything that you like so far? Yung was really, really good.

And what are you going to watch later? Definitely AV AV AV. And Aurora. I catch her at every chance i get.


2010-01-02 20.18.46

Anders Büchert, ACB Music

Hi Anders, what are you doing at SPOT? I’m mainly looking for european and especially Scandinavian business partners, since I’ve just started ACB Music. Previously, I was at Smash! Bang! Pow! I’m also (sort of) the manager of Folkeklubben.

Did you see any concerts you liked? Yeah, Lowly was great. And Kentaur was really, really good.

How about tonight? I’ll go see Június Meyvant.


2010-01-02 20.22.50

Martin Rintza, Skandinavian CPH

What are you looking for at SPOT? I’m looking for some bigger international festivals for our more established artists like Sekuoia and AV AV AV. And then promoters for our artists Slaughter Beach, Kentaur and CHINAH.

Did you see any good concerts yesterday? Yeah, I saw Brynjolfur, which was great.

Which concerts are you looking forward to in particular? Aside from our own artists, I’m pretty excited about Mendoza.


2010-01-02 20.27.03

Jiri Malis, Gimle

Hi Jiri, what are your plans for this year’s SPOT? I’m mostly here for inspiration on how to self-promote. I’m looking to learn from the festival and the artists alike.

Are you looking forward to any particular concerts? Aurora, Cancer and Wilhelm Tell Me!


2010-01-02 20.29.47

Tom Travis, Rough Trade Records

Hi Tom, first time at SPOT? Yeah, but I’m enjoying it very much.

Did you see anything you like so far? Yeah, Yung, Blaue Blume and Taragana Pyjarama were all really great.

Where can you be found later? I’ll definitely check out Cancer and Sekuoia.


2010-01-02 20.31.58

Dominic Squire, Full Time Hobby

Hi Dominic, have you seen any bands that you liked so far? Yeah, Yung and Baby in Vain were definitely highlights yesterday.


2010-01-02 20.35.05

Robby Morris, Matador Records

Hi Robby, what’s your agenda at this year’s SPOT? No agenda, really. We have a more reactive approach to signing new bands, so I’m just on the lookout.

Did you see any good concerts so far? I think Yung were good. Good potential.


2010-01-02 20.39.27

Melanie Wilde, popup-records

First time at SPOT? It’s my fourth, actually.

Which concert did you like the most yesterday? I think Black Book Lodge.

And where will you be tonight? I’ll go see Daniel Norgren and Agent Side Grinder, I think.



2010-01-02 20.41.24

Christoph Hallerberg, popup-records

What are you doing at the festival? Just looking for new bands and networking. No particular plans

Did you see any concerts that you liked yesterday? I was really impressed with Kentaur.

And what about tonight? I’ll go see Aurora, Baby in Vain and The Chairman.


2010-01-02 20.47.27

Mihnea Vlad, Nordic Mood

What are your plans for SPOT? We’re looking to connect with the Nordic industry to find some artists for our friends at Control Club, the biggest club in Bukarest. We’ve manage to create a little bit of a buzz around Nordic artists, so we’re just moving on that.

Which concerts are you looking forward to in particular? Aurora, Rangleklods, AV AV AV. I’m quite interested in maybe booking AV AV AV for the club.


2010-01-02 21.00.51

Josephine Eschment, Factory 92

Hi, Josephine are you looking forward to any concerts in particular? Yeah, Rangleklods is going to be good.

What about yesterday, did you see anything good there? I saw Eivør, Shiny Darkly. Both very good.


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