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SPOTlight 2015 part four [Få sat ansigt på de internationale branchefolk + tips!]

MXD Reporter

MXD blogger i real-time fra SPOT Festival 2015! Vi spørger de SPOT+-delegerede om, hvilke bands der indtil videre har gjort indtryk og hvilke andre de har planlagt at se. Følg med på bloggen og få sat ansigt på danske og internationale gæster og en fornemmelse for deres smag.

2010-01-02 19.27.10

Kilian Mutter, Just Because

Hi Kilian, is this your first time at SPOT? Yeah, it is.

What are you looking to do at this year’s festival? Mainly, I’m here to connect with Scandinavian agents. And also to spot new artists.

Did you watch any concerts so far that you liked? Yeah, I saw CHINAH yesterday. That was great.

How about today, which shows are you gonna go to? I’ll be checking out Cancer, AV AV AV and Samaris, definitely.


2010-01-02 19.29.35

Samuel Galley, Just Because

First time at SPOT? Yeah, it is.

Did you see anything you liked? Yeah, I liked Susanne Sundfør and Black Book Lodge.

Are there any concerts today that you’re looking forward to in particular? Wangel and Alex Vargas


2010-01-02 19.32.53

Phil Waldorf, Secretly Group

Hey Phil, have you been to SPOT before? No, itøs my first time, this year.

Have you seen anything good yet? I haven’t been blown away, but I’m looking forward to tonight. I’m going to watch Kvindebandet,  Kwamie Liv, Daniel Norgren, Baby in Vain… Lots of great stuff tonight.


2010-01-02 19.35.47

Tom Aldridge, Parlophone

Are you looking for anything in particular at SPOT? No, I’m interested in all genres.

Did you see anything you liked so far? Yeah, I saw Yung yesterday. Really, really good. I was very happy with that.

Which shows are you going to see tonight? Well, I’ll be busy. Since I have to see: AV AV AV, Mendoza, Alex Vargas, Rangleklods… So many.


2010-01-02 19.38.36

Danny Roberts, Decca Records

First time at SPOT? Yeah, first time.

Have you seen any good shows so far? Yung was amazing. And Mammút as well.

What about tonight? I’ll go to Aurora’s show. And also just finding new Danish acts.


2010-01-02 19.41.17

Andy Bibey, One Little Indian

What’s your agenda at SPOT? Just all the fun. And networking, of course.

Seen anything you like? Yung and First Hate, yesterday.

Where are you going to be tonight? Aurora, Samaris and Alex Vargas.


2010-01-02 19.45.06

Carolina Echeverri, Skyway Management

Hi Carolina, what are you looking for at SPOT? Mainly networking. And also fresh Danish acts, who’re fit for the international scene.

Have you watched any good shows so far? Yeah, Kentaur was good. I would really have liked to see Yung, but I couldn’t. I also watched Maggie Björklund, who’s one of my own artists.


2010-01-02 19.49.57

Elenor Nordström, Umeå Open Festival

First time at SPOT? Yep.

What are you doing at the festival? I’m mostly here to get inspiration for our own festival. I’m very interested in the concept and format of SPOT.

Have you watched any good concerts? Yeah, Nelson Can, Susanne Sundfør and Noah Kin were awesome.


2010-01-02 19.50.52

David Forsman, Umeå Open Festival

Hi David, what’s your business at SPOT? Non-swedish bands for our festival. We’re into pop and indie rock.

What are you going to see tonight? Entrepreneurs, Aurora and AV AV AV.


2010-01-02 19.56.51

Stefan Facius, Heartbeat Management

What are you doing at this year’s festival? We’re here with two of our bands: Xolo Island and Lydmor. Xolo Island came into the line-up a little late and wasn’t in the official program, but it actually turned out to be a really great concert at Caféscenen. A lot of people showed up. We also just did our annual Heartbeat-brunch with about 150 people attending.

What are going to see later? I’ll definitely be checking the NAKED concerts out. That’s an exciting concept.


2010-01-02 20.00.17

Dina Danielsdatter, manager/member, Northern Assembly

Hi Dina, what are you doing at this year’s festival? I’m here representing my band and we’re playing 2 concerts today at 4.40 and 5.40.

Are you looking forward to any concerts in particular? Hymns From Nineveh are some of my great friends. Also the NAKED concerts.


Det var alt for fjerde udgave af SPOTlight 2015. Hold dig opdateret her på siden og på vores Facebook eller Twitter for næste omgang!