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Efterklang skamroses i udlandet

Efterklang høster rigtig fine anmeldelser for "MagicChairs".

Efterklang høster rigtig fine anmeldelser for “MagicChairs”.

This is the kind of record Coldplay and Brian Eno should have made, sådan skriver det engelske musikmagsin NME om Efterklangs nye album ”Magic Chairs”, der er gruppens første udgivelse på 4AD. NME slutter af med at give albummet syv ud af ti.

Det er blot en af mange flotte udenlandske anmeldelser, som Efterklang har modtaget for ”Magic Chairs”.

BBCA superb record from one of the world´s most uniquely-minded bands.

Gigwise.com – 4/5Magic Chairs strikes a rarely satisfying, pop-savvy balance between ambition and accessibility. In a word, magic.

Rock Sound – 9/10Nothing they do is ordinary and third album Magic Chairs is another demonstration of the Danish group´s astounding imagination and limitless talent.

Drowned in Sound – 8/10For this record is one which plays with the timbres of the orchestra: violins, cellos, trombones, flutes, anything, and does so successfully, utilising the sounds to make something that draws on music hundreds of years old, and music years old, to create something else.

The Skinny – 4/5 (#2 in their Top 5 Albums of the Month)Highlights are near-impossible to isolate: Modern Drift sets the tone beautifully; I Was Playing Drums raises goosebumps with its melting strings and trickling piano; and Full Moon is eighties electro-pop filtered through a toyshop orchestra. But ask tomorrow and a different three will likely rise to the top, such is the richness of Magic Chairs’ magisterial elegance.

Artrocker – 4/5an intriguing listen

Clash – 8/10Paired down to their essence, this distilled Efterklang is premium strength stuff.

Mail On Sunday – 4/5Beautifully composed.

The GuardianEmotional music, full of subtle tension and lurking drama.

Epoch Times – 4/5they’re back with an album that oozes class.

Onethirty BPM 8,4/10Efterklang have done something remarkable here. This is maybe the first great album of 2010.

Rave Magazine 4/5Excellent third album … An authentic grower.

MusicOMH – 4/5A very satisfying addition to an already impressive Efterklang discography.