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Introducing Buma Rocks!


Fredag d. 30 Maj løber anden udgave af den Hollandske showcase festival Buma Rocks! af stablen. I år med dansk islæt i form a bandet Redwood Hill, som er blevet booket til festivalen efter deres optræden på “When Copenhell Freezes Over”. Iøvrigt som en del af MXD’s og Buma Rocks! samarbejde. Buma Rocks er altså folkene bag Eurosonic’s bud på en showcase festival for de hårde genrer.

Vi har snakket med Frank Helmink, Managing Director hos Buma Cultuur:

What is Buma ROCKS!?

The conference and showcasefestival for loud music

What do you hope to achieve at this years festival?

I hope to have at least 2 or 3 bands closing deals at or after the festival, either to perform abroad or even more (record deals etc)

Do you think hard music in Holland have been missing an export-platform?

There hasn’t been one. As we also co-organise Eurosonic one should think metal or loud music should have a place over there… that didn’t work for different reasons, so we – Buma Cultuur – thought: why not focus on loud music as Holland is good enough to go abroad (Within’ Temptation, Textures, Delain, After Forever ….)

Can you compare Buma Rocks! to Eurosonic?

Yes, see above. Although it is a small event for now, I can see it grow to a European showcase festival in the near future….

What networking opportunities does the festival offer?

BBQ / meet & greet / seminars / drinks

What parts of the Danish music industry would you like to see more of at Buma Rocks! in the future?

Well, first of all there are a lot of talented Danish bands (Billy Boy in Poison and so on). Let’s say I would love to see managers of those bands. And of course people that are interested in working with our Dutch talented bands!!

Frank Helmink












Frank Helmink, Managing Director ved Buma Cultuur
photo by Niels van Iperen