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NOMEX udnævner programme director

Anna Hildur - programme director for NOMEX fra 1. februar.

Anna Hildur – programme director for NOMEX fra 1. februar.

Islandske Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdottir udnævnt som programme director af NOMEX – samarbejdsplatformen for de nordiske musikeksport-kontorer, som netop har fået 2 mio. kr. i støtte fra Nordisk Ministerråd.

Islandske Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdottir bliver programme director for de nordiske musikeksportkontorers samarbejde, NOMEX.

Stillingen besættes fra i morgen 1. februar og kommer efter Nordisk Ministerråd har besluttet af støtte NOMEX med to mio.kr.

Anna Hildur – som hun kaldes i daglig tale –  skal bl.a. fokusere sit arbejde på at forstærke båndene mellem de nordiske markeder, øge opmærksomheden mod nordisk musik samt arbejde på at skabe et nordisk brand på musikkens område.

Læs hele den engelske pressemeddelelse nedenfor:

Anna Hildur Takes On NOMEX Role
Nordic Music Export (NOMEX) has been granted 2 million Danish Kronas from Nordic Council of Ministers. This is following the presentation of the NOMEX strategy, Strength in Unity.Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdottir, former MD of Iceland Music Export, has been hired to be the programme director of NOMEX and starts her job full time on February 1st.Anna will be working alongside the Icelandic, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish export offices and focusing on strengthening connections across the Nordic market, while establishing a Nordic brand for music.

Anna will also be developing collaborative relationships with companies in the travel industry to benefit artists, promoters and music fans alike, as well as working on Nordic music in the Nordic media, building awareness of original contemporary music from all five countries.

Gunnar Madsen, head of Rosa The Danish Rock Council, is the chairman of the NOMEX board: “It’s exciting to have funding to strengthen the Nordic collaboration. We have been working together informally for years so this is a very pleasing development which compliments the work that we are doing at the export offices in all of the countries.”

“We welcome Anna in her new role. She has a great experience both from working as a music manager in the past and PR person and consultant for brands like Iceland Airwaves and countless projects as well as her latest job as an MD at Iceland Music Export. Her knowledge and insight into the Nordic music scene will be helpful in establishing this new programme which brings Nordic music a platform which Films and Games have had for years.”

Anna Hildur will be based in London where she has lived for over 20 years but is spending a lot of her time in the different Nordic Capitals over the next few months.