We like We

Thursday 20:45-21:30 – Der AA-Kerk

We like We is an experimental performance and sound collective based in Copenhagen. Praising the collective We like We focus on a collaborative working ethos utilizing a unique mix of instruments and musical background. We like We consists of four classically trained musicians who share a desire for exploring, experimenting, jamming and shaping a sound of their own. We like We released their first album A new Age of Sensibility in 2014 and will release their second album in the Fall 2017 on the German label Sonic Pieces.

“… you feel as if We like We drags your rawest emotions up from the bottom of your stomach into your throat. And I mean that in a good way: in just over five minutes, “Seventeen Days” somehow takes you on a poignant emotional journey that’s honestly quite rare to experience with new music.”
– Girls are Awesome

Contact Person: Carolina Echeverri
E-mail: carolina@mxd.dk
Phone: +45 42711164

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