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Music Branding – keynote presentation by Jack Horner on Spot Festival

Linus Lassus

Jack Horner

MXD is at Spot festival in Århus, and took the chance to check out the keynote by Jack Horner on bands and brands. Jack is co-founder of London-based company Frukt and works with connecting brands and bands and building successful strategies for music and brand collaborations.

According to research made by Frukt and Next Big Sound 68% of artist managers see brand collaborations as increasingly important. Jack also pointed out the importance of the long-time value for artists working with brands. Collaborations between brands and bands also have a huge impact on social media mentions for both parts.

The well-presented, fairly short and very information packed keynote ended with a few myths around brands and bands. One myth for instance is that you should let the brand manager’s gut feeling decide. According to Jack, that might not always be a good idea – decisions should be based on data and research instead.

There’s still a lot of interesting keynotes, panels and seminars ready to happen at Spot, so remember to check out the program here.