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MXD-Spotlight @ Reeperbahn Festival 4

Asbjørn Hæstrup

We’re back with our MXD-Spotlight series! This time we’re showing you the faces of the music industry at Reeperbahn Festival. Here’s some of the people who attended MXD’s Networking event prior to the Danish Night at Reeperbahn.



Name: Jannica Honey, photographer for Gaffa.se

What are you doing at Reeperbahn? I’m covering the festival for Swedish Gaffa. I normally do promos, so it’s a lot of fun also seeing the bands in action instead of just posing.



Name: Jeff Bacon, Business Developer for CI – Consolidated Independent.

Hi Jeff, what do you guys do at CI? We do digital asset management for indie labels, which basically means that we help the indie labels distribute their music themselves – around the major distributors. This can save them a lot of money. So I’m here at Reeperbahn to talk to all the labels and hopefully get some new deals.



Name: Martin Torvik, Artist Manager at New Kicks Booking

Which artists are you working with at New Kicks? Mostly Scandinavian artists. I’m currently working with Aiming for Enrike and Beezewax. To name some Danish ones, the agency has worked with Bottled in England and Reptile Youth.



Name: Sebastian Tim, Tapete Records & Booking

Can you tell us which artists you’re working with? Well, I’m here at Reeperbahn with Sea Change, who played yesterday. I also work with Man Among Animals and Love Inks.



Name: Espen Mentzoni, CEO at New Kicks Booking

What are you doing here at Reeperbahn Festival? I’m the manager of Sea Change, so I’m here representing them.

Did you guys work with any Danish artists? Yeah, we worked with Bottled in England and Reptile Youth.



Name: Joerg Peters, Founder of Humming Records

Hi Joerg, which artists are you working with currently? Well, here at Reeperbahn I have the band Phoria. I haven’t worked with any Danish bands before, but I’m curious to see Mont Olicer at Danish Night.



Name: Markus Drost, journalist at Entertaim.net

What’s your connection with Denmark and the Danish Night? I interviewed Blaue Blume at C/O Pop. And besides, I would see myself as a Roskilde Festival journalist. I’ve been to the festival many times and I really try to communicate what’s special about the festival – because it really is a different festival.



Name: Martin Hannig, journalist at Entertaim.net

What do you guys do at Entertaim.net? It’s very general. But we focus on the music industry. So I’m here to meet the industry, obviously.

Do you feel as passionate about Roskilde Festival as Markus (see above)? Yeah, I do. I really think that it’s a special festival that you have to visit to understand.



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