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So You Wanna Break it Big in Germany – roleplaying panel at Spot Festival

Linus Lassus

“So You Wanna Break it Big in Germany?” was the title of a quite unusual panel discussion at Spot. The topic of course attracted a lot of people who got to enjoy a role-play panel discussion, complete with representations of management (Signe Tobiasen, Like a Can of Beans Records), booking (Ingo Beckmann, Target Concerts), digital distribution (Matthias Brinkmann, Believe Digital), label (Andy Bibey, One Little Indian) and public relations (Markus Göres, Rewika Records/Affairs of the Heart/Staatsakt).

The scenario was a label campaign for the German market for the fictional band The Sports, represented by the manager. Together, the team tried to figure out how to plan the campaign in order to get the biggest impact in the target market. Turned out it wasn’t easy, and important matters along the way that were eagerly discussed were single choices, deadlines and run-up times for PR and distribution pitches, tour stops and release dates. The simulation was completed with sudden surprises like tour support offers from big bands, TV-appearances and postponing of the release dates.

As a conclusion, you could say that the discussion showed the importance of planning, even though things almost never go as they are planned. In this case – due to a fateful fast-forward by the panel moderator – the music of The Sports turned out to go through the roof in France, but not creating any buzz in Germany. Fortunately, the team managed to get the campaign back on its feet, thanks to a succesful synch deal.