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[Mød Elastic Artists Agency] Networking på SPOT Festival

Asbjørn Hæstrup


En lang række internationale branchefolk har allerede bekræftet deres deltagelse på SPOT Festival. På MXD.dk vil vi i de næste par uger præsentere dig for nogle af de udenlandske branchefolk og selskaber, du kan møde under festivalen.

Vi glæder os til at møde Elastic Artists Agency. Her følger en kort profil af Elastic Artists’ agent, Mike Deane.

Agency Name: Elastic Artists Agency

Year Founded: 2004

Your Name: Mike Deane

Title: Agent

Key-Artists signed to agency: Mac DeMarco, Simian Mobile Disco, Liars, Natalie Prass, Forest Swords, Dixon, Evian Christ, Dan Deacon, Of Montreal

What bands are you into these days? I’m always listening to a wide range of things, as my artist roster will reflect! It’s important for me to be really into the artists I work with so I do spend a lot of my time at home listening to our roster’s new releases – this year in particular the new Jam City album has been a stand-out for me. Before I signed them I was listening non-stop to my new band Kero Kero Benito’s addictive tracks, but I really don’t have any set tastes and I have enjoyed new albums the past few months from Kendrick, Gazelle Twin, BC Camplight, Sufjan, Grouper, Viet Cong, Andy Stott, Pharmakon… too many to mention 🙂

Will this be your first trip to Denmark? I’m a Liverpool boy and a Liverpool fan, and I was actually over with friends to Denmark for the Liverpool vs Brøndby friendly last summer. I will visit Roskilde for the first time this year with my wife, where I’m particularly looking forward to seeing my artist Pharmakon and PC Music’s Kane West. I’m very much looking forward to visiting Aarhus for SPOT!

Who’s your favorite Danish artist? So many amazing artists have come from Denmark – Mew was one of the first bands I properly fell in love with, and I have a big affinity with Efterklang. I also run my own festival in Liverpool – Liverpool Music Week – and we flew them all over to play a one-off show for the festival in 2010 when they released Magic Chairs. But a new younger Danish act beats everything for me, especially live. I love them – it’s ICEAGE!

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