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MXD Spotlight @ Reeperbahn Festival 2015 – part three

Asbjørn Hæstrup

We’re back with our MXD-Spotlight series! This time we’re showing the faces of the music industry at Reeperbahn Festival. Here’s some of the more than 200 music business people, who attended MXD’s Networking event prior to the Danish Night at Reeperbahn.



Erik Jacobsen, Artist (Erik)

Hi Erik, what do you do as an artist? I’m a rapper, who’s currently working on an EP. It’s produced by Hanssolo, who’s worked with Joey Bada$$ in the past.

What are you looking for here at Reeperbahn? I’m here because I know Hamburg well and I would like to meet the guys from Viva con Agua, who sell water and do music shows.



Max Rüdel, Kanoon

What do you do at Kanoon? We started as an alternative rock label, where we signed bands like The Broken Beats, but we’ve turned into a music community platform, where we reward users for interacting, i.e. sharing, commenting. We call it usergenerated publicity.



Andraz Kajzer, MENT Ljubljana

What’s your position at MENT? I do booking and management for the festival

Are you interested in any of the bands playing tonight? Yeah, I’m looking forward to hearing Alex Vargas. We’ve already booked Lydmor & Bon Homme



Gisela Sotomayor, DNA BLN

Hi Gisela, what’s DNA BLN? It’s a showcase for unknown bands in Berlin. We’ve done 4 showcases so far with an attendance of over 1000 people each time.

Are you looking for any Danish acts for your showcase? We’ve already had Antonio Gram playing and we’re gonna have Lowrider Betty on in November.



Reza Davoudi, nineteen95 management

What do you do? I work with Gisela (see above) in setting up the DNA BLN showcases.

What kind of genres are you looking for? We’re into all sorts of music. We’ve mostly had alternative rock, but anything goes.



Alexander Bogdanov, Bopromo

What do you do at Bopromo? We promote indie artists, mostly from Belarus. But I’m looking to maybe book some of the bands playing tonight. I’m looking forward to Fortress.