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[When Copenhell Freezes Over Networking] Meet Season of Mist & Metal Hammer

Asbjørn Hæstrup


On January 30th, Copenhell freezes over as 6 up and coming Metal bands take the stage at VEGA. Besides witnessing the bands, you’ll get the chance to meet the key Metal industry people, who’ll be attending the networking event prior to the concerts. Over the next weeks, MXD will introduce you to some of the people, whom you’ll get to meet.

Name & company: Gunnar Sauermann, Season of Mist/Metal Hammer

Tell us about your work: I am an international promotor for Season of Mist and a freelance journalist for Metal Hammer.

What bands do you work with? As promoter, I work with Mayhem, Abbath, Rotting Christ, Morbid Angel, etc. As a journalist, I cover mostly Norwegian Black Metal.

Do you work with any Danish artists? No

Who plays the meanest Metal shows these days? Slipknot

To learn more about When Copenhell Freezes Over and how to attend, read here

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