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French Booking Agencies

Linus Lassus


At this year’s edition of Spot Festival, the Danish music industry got the chance to get better acquainted with Mama Festival – one of the biggest showcase events in France. Mama is held in Paris between 14th-16th October, and along with Midem in Cannes, Trans Musicales de Rennes (in Rennes, 2nd – 6th December) and Printemps de Bourges (Bourges) they form the foundation for industry networking in the French market.

When mingling your way around some of these events later this year (here are a few tips for how to do that), keep your eyes open for French business partners. We’ve listed a few French booking agencies that know their way around the French live market and whose rosters include everything from international stars to domestic artists and up-and-coming Nordic repertoire. Have a look and start warming up your French!


Alias Productions

Auguri Productions