In Lonely Majesty Making Splashes in Egypt

The band gathered in front of Egypt’s most famous sight

Danish folk rock outfit In Lonely Majesty have recently enjoyed great succes in the, to Danish bands, rather unexplored market of Egypt. 

The band’s first single “Sing in the Dark” was recently featured in a worldwide Pepsi commercial, which netted them a #1 spot on the Egyptian iTunes Chart.

Before the song was even released, the band’s publisher, Iceberg Music Group, pitched the song to a music supervisor. Manager Jeppe Midjord tells: “Sing in the Dark was shortlisted along with a number of other tracks. Then we got a call from New York in the middle of the night asking for the stems. Pepsi and the music supervisor loved it and it ended up getting featured in this really cool commercial.”

The Danish embassy in Cairo arranged for In Lonely Majesty to fly down and play one of the city’s hottest venues, CJC. The show sold out quickly and was very well received. Egypt’s biggest online media, Cairo Scene, did a feature on the band following that booking and the massive succes of “Sing in the Dark” in the charts.

We’re looking forward to following the band’s further progress in this exciting new market to which they’ll return to tour in the fall.