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Ja Ja Ja Berlin – Sarah Schwaab [Wolken Agency]

Linus Lassus


MXD visited the Berlin Ja Ja Ja Club Night at Musik & Frieden earlier this month to catch up with the Berlin industry professionals. Previous interviews from the event published on the website includes discussions with Christian Göbel from Motor Entertainment and Vivien Mierzkalla from Humming Records/Verstärker and a talk on touring and booking in Germany with Dennis Krause from Prime Tours.

A local freelancer who attended the event was Sarah Schwaab. Originally from France and based in Berlin, she provides her B2B clients with business development plans and consultancy for the German music market through her company Wolken Agency. Before launching her freelance career, she worked at Berlin Music Week, with a lot of previous experience from the festival field.

‘I work a lot with B2B, providing my clients with directions and consultancy for the German market. I’m originally from France, but my network is here in Berlin, so this is where I can serve my clients best. However, I always go to Mama Festival in France to check out what’s going on there.’

Sarah’s clients include Greencopper, a Canadian company specialized in technology for festivals, and digital music distributor iMusician Digital. She is also a big fan of Nordic music and worked with the production of a Berlin event for NOMEX’s Nordic Playlist project.

‘My favourite Danish bands are Vinnie Who, Rangleklods, M.I.L.K., Sekuoia and Cancer, who played one of my favourite Ja Ja Ja concerts! The rest I’ve discovered via SPOT festival, by:Larm and the Nordic Playlist.

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