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MXD-SPOTLIGHT @ Reeperbahn Festival 2

Asbjørn Hæstrup

We’re back with our MXD-Spotlight series! This time we’re showing you the faces of the music industry at Reeperbahn Festival. Here’s some of the people who attended MXD’s Networking event prior to the Danish Night at Reeperbahn.









Name: Alex Gamlich, Tentacle Musikverlag/Copasetic

What kind of artists are you working with at Copasetic? We’re mainly focused on 60’s soul and garage. We’ve worked with artists such as Rhonda (who’s at a major label now), Movings Sounds and The Manics.









Name: Dietmar Schwenger, editor at Musikwoche

What are you doing here at Reeperbahn? Well, I’m mostly covering showcases around Europe, so I’m here, of course, for the many receptions and to some of the friends I met at SPOT Festival.









Name: Mario Lehman, Believe Digital

Can you name some of the artists that you’re working with? We did the newest Sinead O’ Connor album, Glen Campbell, William Fitzsimmons.

Are you working with any Danish artists? We’ve recently established an office in Denmark, so they’re taking care of the Danish talent.









Name: Alexandre Pountzas, Factory 92

What do you do at Factory 92? We do mostly PR and marketing at music related events.

What do you do at Reeperbahn Festival? We did the Reeperbahn Press desk and arranged Danish Night together with you guys at MXD. We’ve done PR for SPOT Festival in the past as well.









Name: Johannes Schmitt, booker at Kühlhaus, Flensburg

What kind of artists are you looking for here at Reeperbahn? I’m looking for artists of all genres, actually. Mostly independent ones, though. But I’m just here, hoping to be surprised.









Name: Christoph Storbeck, Striker/MMF Italy

What do you do for a living? Mainly, I do artist management.

So, which kind of artists do you work with? Currently, I’m working with Blackmail, which is sort of Alternative Rock, and Fabrizio Cammarata, who is a singer/songwriter. I’ve worked with LSD on CIA from Denmark, also.









Name: Rune Schöstag Nielsen, Co-founder of Volt

What do you do at Volt? We deliver portable charging devices for mobile phones to festivals like Roskilde and Reeperbahn. We have a stand here at Reeperbahn as well. So I’m mostly here to attend to business contacts and talk to potential partners.









Name: Birgit Reuther, Hamburger Abendblatt

What do you do at Hamburger Abendblatt? I’m a journalist with pop music as my focus. I’m currently covering Reeperbahn, but most of my work is done in advance. So I’m mostly here for the networking part now.









Name: Thomas Bredahl, Heartbeat Music

Which artists are you working with currently? We work with The White Album, who are playing Danish Night at Reeperbahn, Go-Go berlin, Lydmor, Bon Homme and Ball and the Wall.

What’s been the best about Reeperbahn so far? First of all, the weather. Also the fact that the festival is this cultural melting pot business meets music and the local environment with bachelor parties and so on.


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