Vinyl Bigger Than Free Streaming in the US



According to data released by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), revenues from vinyl sales grew past the combined revenues from free streaming services (i.e. Spotify Free, Soundcloud, YouTube, VEVO, etc.) in 2015, Digital Music News report.

Free streaming services accounted for $385.1 million last year, while vinyl sales reached $422.3 million. That means the revenue from vinyl sales was roughly 10% bigger than the revenues from free-streaming.

However, it’s paid subscription services that gathers the big money. Digital Music News:

“Paid streaming, on the other hand, packs a more serious punch.  According to the RIAA statistics, there were an average of 10.8 million paying subscribers to streaming services in 2015.  But that produced $1.22 billion in revenue, a major contributor to overall streaming revenues of $2.4 billion.”

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