The Nordic Advisors, your guides to the other Nordic markets.

NOMEX are excited to announce a new task force within our teams, dedicated to help share export related information and knowledge on an interNordic level, supporting and facilitating entry into the different Nordic markets.

This means each export office has now a dedicated person available for music industry professionals from other Nordic countries, so that you as professional can get in touch with a local and request information or introductions to their industry and colleagues, in the Nordic country you are trying to enter.

The Nordic markets get closer everyday, we see more interchange of talent, more b2b collaboration and more companies seeing the Nordic region as one, so we at MXD and NOMEX are happy to help further this development by making the knowledge bank in our offices available to colleagues, partners and companies in the other Nordic countries.

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If you have specific questions about other Nordic markets, be it on Swedish record labels, Icelandic publishers, Norwegian agents, Finish managers or publicists for example, please feel free to check in with the local Nordic Advisor in the country in question:

Read all about the advisors and how to contact them here.

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NOMEX is the collaborative platform of the music export offices of Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Denmark.