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Networking Tips: the Long Distance Paradox

Linus Lassus

Brian Long is a man with a lot of experience from the music business. He started as a producer for Spin Magazine and continued with work for several record labels, including Astralwerks, which he founded. Among the artists he has worked with you’ll find Sonic Youth, Soundgarden and Wolfmother, to name a few. The full list can be found over at this Wikipedia site – fully dedicated to him. In 2002 Brian founded Yes Know Management. Now he’s working for Figure Eight, and taking care of the South and North American management for Swedish megastar José González. The man is full of knowledge, and we’d like to share a little tip he dropped during a conversation on Yes Know Management’s office in Brooklyn, New York City.

When growing internationally, some artists and their teams start to consider moving abroad, with the intention of living in a big, multi cultural city and being closer upon the creative hubs and opportunities. But there are also benefits with staying exactly where you are. Brian exemplifies this by telling a story about a few colleagues working in the synch business in New York.

Brian Long, manager for Jose Gonzalez, among other things.

Brian Long, manager for Jose Gonzalez, among other things.

“In America, all the TV and film people are concentrated to Los Angeles, for obvious reasons. That’s a five-hour flight from New York. Obviously, you don’t make that trip too often. This means that meetings between these synch people and their TV and film contacts in L.A. can be scheduled only for a couple of times a year”. The paradox, says Long, is that during those few days in L.A., they are busier than ever. “Everyone in L.A. wants to meet them and makes time in their calendar, because it is the only chance they’ve got if they don’t want to wait for another four months.”

Our conclusion is that it’s all good and well to get involved with the hubs and move abroad. But sometimes, only being around for a couple of days may give your contact that extra motivation that is needed for them to make time in their busy schedules.