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Three Tips For Synch

Linus Lassus
dan koplowitz

Dan Koplowitz at Spot festival 2016

American music manager and synch-master Dan Koplowitz has been working in the music industry in one way or another for over 20 years, a career that has taken him from A&R work to label management and PR. Throughout his career Dan has managed to break several international acts in the US and today he’s mostly known as on of the founders of music companies Friendly Fire Licensing and Terrorbird Media.

Dan visited the latest edition of Spot Festival in Århus. Here are a few tips he’s shared regarding synch and how he thinks bands should work with it:

Know the Basics

Dan thinks all bands and music creators should get familiar with the basics of synch, mastering and drawing up contracts. As projects grow, he would involve lawyers and experts who know what they’re doing. Even the smallest song picks involve a band, a label, a music supervisor, a customer, a publisher and many more people.

Use Synch to Break Into New Territories

According to Dan, a song placement in the right spot can easily pave the way for an album in a new territory. ‘It can boost the bands career – or at least pay next month’s rent.

Know What People Want (But Stick to Your Thing)

Retro soul, bright pop and rock and light hip-hop are very popular requests says Dan. Music that sounds like already established artists like Beyoncé or Coldplay is also popular, as projects seldom have the budget to go for the real deal. According to Dan, music supervisors sometimes comment on the commercial sound of the songs, saying the commercial mindset behind the track is too obvious. However popular certain styles may be, Dan says you should stick to your thing and keep it real: ‘People don’t ask for avant-garde jazz a lot, but if that’s your style, then you should focus on that.’