[MXD Networking på SPOT Festival ’18] Mød Humming Records


Inden SPOT Festival 2018 introducerer vi dig til flere af de internationale branchepersoner, som har bekræftet deres deltagelse på årets SPOT Festival. Her kan du møde Colin Lovrinovic fra Humming Records.

Du kan møde alle MXD’s internationale gæster til MXD’s Superbowl, vores årlige SPOT networking-arrangement mellem den internationale og danske musikbranche, som finder sted lørdag d. 12/5 i Aarhus Bowlinghal.

Name: Colin Lovrinovic

Company: Humming Records

Title: Managing Director

Based in: Berlin

Can you tell us a bit about the company’s history and its roster? Humming Records is a Berlin based international boutique label with a roster including internationally successful acts like K.Flay (2 Grammy nominations), Josef Salvat, Wankelmut, VIMES as well as some amazingly talented Danish acts such as CHINAH and Sekuoia.

– and a bit about the acts you personally work with at this moment? We work with an amazing array of acts from Danish CHINAH and Sekuoia, to US based K.Flay as well as artists from Australia to Europe. What they have in common: They make incredibly good music and are great people! We choose to work with artists we respect, and humans we love.

What was the moment you decided you wanted to work with music? As a baby I had Freddie Mercury’s nipples in my mouth… It’s a long story, but there’s a video!

What are your favourite Danish acts? CHINAH & Sekuoia of course 🙂 And let’s see who I come across this year.

Best show you’ve ever seen hands down? Our first ever signing Cloud Control playing a surprise show at the singer’s wedding last month in Australia. She was still wearing her wedding dress.