[MXD Networking på SPOT Festival ’19] Mød Clash Magazine


Inden SPOT Festival 2019 introducerer vi dig til flere af de internationale branchepersoner, som har bekræftet deres deltagelse på årets SPOT Festival. Her kan du møde Susan Hansen fra Clash Magazine.

Du kan møde alle MXD’s internationale gæster til MXD’s Superbowl, vores årlige SPOT networking-arrangement mellem den internationale og danske musikbranche, som finder sted lørdag d. 4. maj i Aarhus Bowlinghal.

Name: Susan Hansen

Media name: Clash Magazine

Based in: London

Can you tell us a bit about the media’s history and profile? Clash Magazine is a multi-award winning music magazine that launched to critical acclaim in 2004, combining underground and mainstream music genres that include fashion, film and entertainment in its subject matter. ClashMusic.com is a definitive online guide to leading music and music trends – covering the best of breaking to established artists alongside news, reviews, features, image gallery and forums, in addition to a collection of the best content from Clash Magazine. Clash has consolidated its position as a leading UK and international title within the music, fashion and film sectors. While music continues to diversify and evolve, Clash endeavours to represent the crossover appeal of different styles and sounds. We feature the best new and emerging bands alongside established and popular acts and legends of the industry across our multiple media platforms – magazine and online; and through live events.

– and a bit about the acts you personally have covered recently? Kacey Musgraves, The Murder Capital, Lucy Rose, Pip Blom, Yak, Jade Bird, Sleaford Mods

What was the moment you decided you wanted to work with music? I realised that very early on when I was in my teens. The first professional music setting I worked in was when I did work experience for a PR/press for an indie label.

What are your favourite Danish acts? Iceage, Ulige Numre, The Raveonettes, Palace Winter

Best show you’ve ever seen hands down? Seeing The Stone Roses at Wembley Stadium, London (2017). Depeche Mode playing the O2 Arena, London (2018)