[MXD Networking @ SPOT 2022] Mød Eva Kiltz


I ugerne op til SPOT Festival 2022 introducerer vi dig for flere af de internationale branchepersoner, som MXD har inviteret op til årets festival. 

Her kan du møde: 

Name: Eva Kiltz

Company: Berlin Music Commission / Most Wanted: Music

Title: Head of Programme / Most Wanted: Music

Based in: Berlin

Can you tell us a bit about the company’s history and its roster?

Berlin Music Commission is the Berlin music business network with over 200 music companies from all grenres and occupations. Most Wanted: Music is Berlin’s biggest music business event focused on networking, impulse and discussion of the relevant topics that make up the future of music and music business.

And can you tell us a bit about the acts you personally work with at this moment?

I am working at the moment at this year’s MW:M content. We will have three main tracks, publishing, music creation and talents for music plus an additional recruiting event and a music and film track, where we deal with topics from sync and new cocepts of storytelling with music as well as offer a small documentary film festival.

What was the moment you decided you wanted to work with music?

When I first listend to a piece of music through a very good stereo in my music class in higschool and had goose bumps.

Which acts are you looking forward to seeing this year at SPOT?

Still have not sorted out the lineup, this is reserved for the travel tomorrow, but looking forward to the whole experience.

Best show you’ve ever seen hands down? 

This must have been a Sidsel Endresen Soloshow in Arena venue in Berlin together with only three other people in the audience. She was a goddess and played as if the venue was full with people wholehearted and intense.