[MXD Networking @ SPOT 2022] Mød Hannes Erdmann


I ugerne op til SPOT Festival 2022 introducerer vi dig for flere af de internationale branchepersoner, som MXD har inviteret op til årets festival. 

Her kan du møde: 

Name: Hannes Erdmann

Company: Warner Music/Ahoy Radio

Title: Streaming Curator / Music Programmer

Based in: Hamburg, Germany

Can you tell us a bit about the company’s history and its roster?

Its Warner Music – There’s a lot in the Roster / Ahoy (in establishing).

And can you tell us a bit about the acts you personally work with at this moment?

All – cause i’m doing the curation / Ahoy: All, cause it’s a radio station.

What was the moment you decided you wanted to work with music?

When I did my first trainee @v2 music.

Which acts are you looking forward to seeing this year at SPOT?

M.Byrd, Agnes Hartwich, School of X.

Best show you’ve ever seen hands down? 

Husky @rbf @Mojo Hamburg.