[MXD Networking @ SPOT 2023] Mød Emil Rossling Larsson


I ugerne op til SPOT Festival 2023 introducerer vi dig for de internationale branchepersoner, som danske artister og musikselskaber har inviteret til årets festival via MXDs nye invitationspulje (læs mere om denne her). 

Her kan du møde: 

Name: Emil Rossling Larsson

Company: All Things Live

Title: Agent

Based in: Stockholm

Can you tell us a bit about the company’s history and its roster?

All things live been around since 2006 in sweden, called Blixten Co until 2018 when we merged with other companies and became All Things Live Sweden. I have been agent since 2001 (working at Live nation, hade my own business for several year, been at All THings live since 2011.)

And can you tell us a bit about the acts you personally work with at this moment?

Miss Li – one of the biggest acts in sweden, Myra Granberg, Amena, Oscar Zia, Uno Svenningsson – artist been around since 90’s and Kristofer Greczula – playing at All things live dayparty /SPOT/salling daypart 5/5.

What was the moment you decided you wanted to work with music?

The passion of music, going to concerts, seeing the happiness in the eyes of people expering that special conection with artist/fans.

Which acts are you looking forward to seeing this year at SPOT?

Michelle Ullestad, Lasse Skriver, Lucky Lo, Dillistone, Malu and many others

Best show you’ve ever seen hands down? 

The Posies, 1994 Roskilde Festival