MXD Spotlight @ Reeperbahn Festival 2015 – part one


We’re back with our MXD-Spotlight series! This time we’re showing the faces of the music industry at Reeperbahn Festival. Here’s some of the more than 200 music business people, who attended MXD’s Networking event prior to the Danish Night at Reeperbahn.



Daniel Koch, Intro Magazine

Hi Daniel, what do you do at Intro? I’m the editor-in-chief, so I’m responsible for the overall strategy.

Are you looking for anything in particular here at the Danish Night? We’re one of the partners presenting the night, so I’m here to meet some of my Danish colleagues.



Markus Jansen, SSC Group

What do you do at SSC? Mostly local promotion

Do you know any of the bands playing tonight? No, not really. I’m just looking to be surprised.



Olaf Reinholz, Hfn Music

Have you worked with any Danish artists at Hfn? Yeah, plenty: Lydmor & Bon Homme, Trentemøller and many more.

What are you looking to do here at Reeperbahn? Just meet up with our partners and make new connections.



Verena Lembcke, Hfn Music

Hi Verena, what kinds of Danish music are you into? I like Darkness Falls, Kasper Bjørke, Brynjolfur, to name a few. Those are all artists whom we’ve been working with in the past.

Are you looking forward to meeting any people at the Danish Night? Yeah, the guys from Crunchy Frog, Heartbeat, Iceberg… Also many others!



Michal Thomes, Rock for People Festival

Hi Michal, what kind of festival is Rock for People? It’s one of the biggest in Czech Republic. We have about 25000 people attending. It’s mostly rock music, but also some electronic. We’ve had bands like Faith No More, Bottled in England and Go Go Berlin play.

What brings you to the Danish Night? Mostly networking.



Roman Werner, Nouvelle Prague Festival

What’s Nouvelle Prague Festival about? It’s mostly bands from overseas playing, like from Asia, the US, Australia and Czech Republic, of course. It’s a collaboration with Glastonbury Festival.

Are you looking for any new artists here at Reeperbahn? Unfortunately, we’re fully booked for the next edition.



Kristin Zumpe, Mittelstern

Hi Kristin, what’s Mittelstern? We’re a small blog, based in Dresden and we write about music that we like. No specific genres.

Are you looking forward to any of tonight’s concerts in particular? Yeah, I’m pretty excited about Lydmor & Bon Homme



Robin Shaw, Four Music

Do you work with any specific genres at Four Music? Yeah, mostly electro and hip hop. But we’re always on the lookout for something cool.

Have you seen any concerts that you liked this year? Yeah, I liked Honne and Kelvin Jones. I’m not familiar with any of the Danish bands playing tonight.