MXD Spotlight @ Reeperbahn Festival 2015 – part two


We’re back with our MXD-Spotlight series! This time we’re showing the faces of the music industry at Reeperbahn Festival. Here’s some of the more than 200 music business people, who attended MXD’s Networking event prior to the Danish Night at Reeperbahn.




Danny Keir, Sound Diplomacy

What do you do at Sound Diplomacy? We’re a consulting company that specializes in business development for the music industry and for governments. We helped do the Canadian and Polish Nights, respectively, here at Reeperbahn.



Jacob “Poe” Stærmose, Crunchy Frog

Do you work with any specific genres on Crunchy? We were founded as a label for noise rock, indiepop and retro.

Are you looking for anything in particular at Reeperbahn? Not really, but I’m mainly here representing our publishing department, Crunchy Tunes.



Sönke Strauch, Trickser/Listen

Hi Sönke, what do you guys do? We’re a label, and we do publishing as well. We work with the likes of Jennie Abrahamson and Kalle Mattson.



Clemens Kluck, Trickser/Listen

Are you looking for any genres in particular for your label? Yeah, we mostly work with indiepop, singer/songwriter and electropop.

Do you know any of the bands playing tonight? Not really, but Lydmor & Bon Homme could be interesting!



Andrew Flanagan, Billboard

Hi Andrew, what’s your position at Billboard? I’m the business editor. So I’m not in charge of any of the charts.

Have you seen any good concerts at this year’s festival? Yeah, I really liked Josef Salvat, Pins and Metz.


Sigrid Huber, 7digital

What do you do at 7digital? We’re a digital music streaming service helping other companies set up streaming services. I’m the promotions manager with regards to Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Christoffer Horlitz, Fuchsbau Festival

Which genres are you looking to book for your festival? Electro-pop and indie, mostly.

Are you familiar with any of then bands performing tonight? Yeah, I’m really excited for Alex Vargas. From what you tell me, I think Lydmor & Bon Homme could be really interesting, too.


Carsten Helmich, Juicy Beats Festival

What sort of festival is Juicy Beats? We mostly book electro, pop and hip hop

Are you looking forward to any of the shows tonight in particular? Yeah, I’m looking forward to hearing Lydmor & Bon Homme, since we booked Whomadewho for our festival once, but a storm came, so we had to cancel the entire day that they were playing!