MXD Spotlight @ SPOT Festival 2016 – part two



MXD Spotlight is back! This weekend, we’re showing you the faces of some of the many Danish and international music industry professionals attending SPOT Festival 2016. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.


Yannick Dudli, Stagency

Hi Yannick, what do you do at Stagency? We’re a indie concert- and booking agency. We mostly do punk, rock and hip hop. I work with artists such as Furious Few, Max Raptor and Owen McGarry

Are you particularly interested in any of the bands playing? Yeah, I think Wangel, Vakle and Felix de Luca all sound really interesting, and I’m definitely going to see their shows.


Sean-Poul de Fré Gress, Ohwell Booking

Can you tell us a bit about what you do? Ohwell is a newly founded booking agency. I’m here at SPOT promoting on of our artists, Felix de Luca. We’ve gained some traction in The Baltic after Felix played Tallinn Music Week. So we’ve established a good root network there. But I’m looking to collaborate with partners from all European markets.

Which concerts are you going to? Quite a few. But I’m definitely going to see Felix de Luca, We Like We, Danni Toma and Saint Cava.


Matthias Kurth, c/o pop festival

What are you looking for at this year’s SPOT? We’re doing the SPOT on Denmark showcase again this year, so I’m looking for bands to play there. I think Wangel, Chinah, Pale Honey and Liss all sound very promising, so I’m going to see their shows.


Sandra Walkenhofer, earcandy Entertainment

What do you do at earcandy? I’m mostly doing the production and label part. I used to do booking as well, but not at the moment. In regards to genres, we started off as alternative/pop/rock-focused, but we’ve recently moved into other genres. We’ve signed the singer/songwriter Avec, who’s gotten a lot of airplay in France, so I’m on the lookout for French partners.

Are you looking forward to any shows in particular? Thrkngs. I havn’t really checked the programme yet, so I’m really sure what else I’m gonna see.


Pierre Beecroft, Ease Agency

Can you tell us a bit about Ease? We’re based in Germany, doing online marketing and run social media for bands – Rammstein for example. Our international profile is mostly rock and pop and we market hip hop in Germany as well. We’re currently working with Laust Sonne, who’s releasing a pop album.

Which concerts are you looking forward to the most? Quick Quick Obey, Ary, Virgin Suicide and Liima, who’s sort of the talk of the town. Efterklang are massive in Germany, so naturally, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding them.


Jacob ‘Poe’ Stæremose, Crunchy Tunes

What are you doing at SPOT this year? I’m here with Crunchy Tunes, our publishing part. We have several acts playing this year, like Powersolo, Schultz & Forever and ticktock, who’s signed to our sister-label Big Oil Recording Company.

What shows are you going to watch? Dør Nr. 13 og The Entrepreneurs, for sure.


Laura Hofman, Worm

Hi Laura, what’s Worm? Worm is a concert venue in Rotterdam, Holland with a capacity of around 300 people for concerts and 500 for club nights. We mostly have noise, punk and psychedelic acts. I’m in charge of booking the acts.

What shows are you going to? Lima, Lowly, Møl and Torment, whom I heard for the first time today, and really liked.


Timor Bar,

Hi Timor, can you tell us a bit about your blog? I am based in Israel and I write about lifestyle, culture and music, mainly. I’m at SPOT to do short concert reviews and write about the festival in general

What shows are you looking forward to the most? Chinah, Virgin Suicide, The Entrepreneurs


Thorbjörn Mannhof, Finetunes

What do you guys do at finetunes? We’re a digital distribution company, working with artists from every genre of music. I’m here at the festival to find new artists to work with.

What shows are you going to watch? Den Sorte Skole, definitely. And I’ll also be at the Phonofile day party, where Pernille Rosendahl is playing.

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