Un Petit Julenetworking – Meet Dour Festival #1



Up until Un Petit Jule-Networking goes down on December 14th, we will introduce you to some of the highly profiled French and Belgian industry professionals that you can meet at the event. We look forward to seeing Mathieu Fonsny, co-booker at Dour Festival.

Could you briefly introduce yourself and your company?

I’m Mathieu Fonsny, co-booker of Dour Festival in Belgium. Dour Festival is a 5 day day & night program festival taking place mid-july in the french part of our country since 1989. In 2016, we had 225.000 attending people during the whole festival; 280 bands on 9 stages. Dour is first of all a community of people who come every year to spend 5 days listening to music, meet new people, socialize and exchange ideas.

Which bands are you currently working with?

A lot…

Do you have any favorite Danish bands?

D.A.D, WhoMadeWho, Trentemøller, MØ, Agnes Obel, Kölsch