Un Petit Julenetworking – Meet Silencio Club


Again this year, we’re celebrating the coming of Christmas by inviting over around 20 prominent French music industry professionals to meet the Danish industry at Un Petit Julenetworking. Before the networking commences on November 30th, we’ll be introducing you to some of people that you can meet. Here’s a small bio on Benoit Maume of Silence Club.

Name: Benoit Maume

Company: Silencio Club

Based in: Paris

Title: Music Director

Can you tell us a bit about your company?
Founded in 2011, Silencio is a new kind of members club dedicated to creative communities and conceived by David Lynch. It’s a place for exchanges and encounters that considers itself the successor to salons, 17th-century Parisian literary circles, the clubs of 18th-century London, the dadaists of the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, and the existentialists of the tabou in Saint-Germain des Prés, as well as cultural landmarks like Le Palace in Paris and Studio 54 in New York. Silencio occupies a 700m2 space including a photo gallery, the 1sqm gallery, a 24-seat cinema, a library, a smoking room, the blackroom, two bars and a stage. Silencio is constantly updating and enriching its programming to ensure it maintains a contemporary vision that reflects the current cultural scene in France and around the world, especially through collaborations with artists, institutions and fairs.

Can you name a few acts that you yourself work with? In the last 2 years, I welcomed Black Lips, Blonde Redhead, Warpaint, Thurston Moore, Pete Rock, Skepta, Rejjie Snow, Hannah Cohen, Seun Kuti, Nekfeu, Sinkane, Giant Sand, Fimber Bravo, Andrew Bird, Adam Green, Essaie Pas, Night Beats, Har Mar Superstar, Temples, Algiers and many other bands.

Best live show you have ever seen, hands down?
It’s quite a difficult question. The last 3 ones: Fink, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nicolas Jaar.