[When Copenhell Freezes Over Networking] Meet Doornroosje and FortaRock Festival



On January 30th, Copenhell freezes over as 6 up and coming Metal bands take the stage at VEGA. Besides witnessing the bands, you’ll get the chance to meet the key Metal industry people, who’ll be attending the networking event prior to the concerts. Over the next weeks, MXD will introduce you to some of the people, whom you’ll get to meet.

Name & company: Freek Koster, FortaRock (Festival) + Doornroosje (Venue)

Tell us about your work: I’m a metal and rock promoter for FortaRock and Doornroosje, a venue in Nijmegen, which was voted the best venue of 2015 in the Netherlands only two weeks ago, during Eurosonic. I’ve been doing this for 12 years now, still liking it a lot.

What bands do you work with? I don’t exactly work with them, I book them for shows through agencies and/or band managers. Too many artists to mention.

Do you work with any Danish artists? I’ve booked several Danish bands in the past like Mercenary, Anemic, Night Fever, Raunchy, Svartsot, The Psyke Project, Volbeat and King Diamond for next year’s FortaRock edition.

Who plays the meanest Metal shows these days? Indian (US) was the meanest, but they are no more, so I would say Trash Talk (US). Gojira (FR) is the best and most impressive.

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