[When Copenhell Freezes Over Networking] Meet X-Ray Touring



On January 30th, Copenhell freezes over as 6 up and coming Metal bands take the stage at VEGA. Besides witnessing the bands, you’ll get the chance to meet the key Metal industry people, who’ll be attending the networking event prior to the concerts. Over the next weeks, MXD will introduce you to some of the people, whom you’ll get to meet.

Name & company: Beckie Sugden, X-Ray Touring

Tell us about your work: I work as an international booking agent i.e. I book tours, festivals and private events for bands all over the world (except for in North America). The job of a booking agent has grown considerably in the ten years I have been doing it. We are strategists, A&R’s, advisers, sometimes managers and we now even get involved with marketing and branding decisions. It is all about finding bands you are passionate about and devising their entire worldwide touring strategy; ensuring they play in the right territories, venues and appear on the right festivals, at the right time; something, if done wrong, can destroy careers…no pressure 😉

What bands do you work with? Suicide Silence, Beartooth, Attila, Stray From The Path, Deaf Havana, God Is An Astronaut, Insane Championship Wrestling

Do you work with any Danish artists? Not currently

Who plays the meanest Metal shows these days? There is a band called Metal Tiger who play the meanest metal show I have ever seen!

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