[Application deadline Sept. 5th] What you should know about MENT Ljubljana

andraž & matjaž

Having received great feedback from several Danish artists who have played at MENT Ljubljana Festival (i.e. Sekuoia, Get Your Gun and Yung), we took some time to talk to Matjaž Manček and Andraž Kajzer (above photo) from the relatively young Slovenian festival. Read on to learn a little bit about the festival and what you should consider when applying. NB: the artist application deadline is September 5th, apply here.

1. Could you briefly describe MENT Ljubljana and its musical profile?

MENT is a 3-day club festival in Ljubljana with a focus on quality new acts from the region, all over Europe and beyond. It features 50 acts, 10 venues, a music conference, workshops, presentations, movies and much more. Our focus circles from electronic music, through rock, hip-hop, folk to noise & metal. We had Danish acts Sekuoia, Get You Gun and Yung play at the festival and they all left a really good impression. Otherwise we prefer quotes by others.

2. What should bands who want to play at your festival consider when applying?

First of all they should be ready to come to Slovenia! 😉 We try to get bands that are already in the flow – meaning it’s not a bedroom discovery on a homemade tape. It’s simple really – we might be aware that you are the best band on the planet, but if we cannot show that through audio / video on the web to the people, it will be hard to get you anywhere. We want bands that are ready to play around the world, release good stuff and work on their career in the future. Please consider that there’s more than 1000 acts applying, so just send your best stuff. Of course, there’s the conference and the thrill of discovering new bands which brings in the music professionals who can help boost or expand your career. It’s smart to check who’s coming and try to connect with the ones that you really think could be interested in working with you.

3. What do you think Danish music industry professionals should know when engaging with the Slovenian music market?

The Slovenian market is a really small one, but MENT Ljubljana is currently the only showcase festival & conference of its kind in the ex-Yugoslavian area, which is really broad market. There’s also a strong attendance from nearby countries like Austria, Hungary and Slovakia and it seems that MENT is one of the right places to discover new people from the business and acts from the region. Other than that, we try to engage a lot of people from the Eastern Europe which seems to be a good market to evolve bands and we are all working on making it stronger. We also try to attract some internationally known labels and festivals to share the experience and to create another chance for the acts playing.