Bastian Küllenberg from Intro Magazine reports on SPOT on DK in Cologne

Blaue Blume spillede som band nummer to overfor et imponeret tysk publikum: foto Fabian Raclet
Blaue Blume was second act at Spot on Denmark and they impressed the German audience (foto: Fabian Raclet)


Bastian Küllenberg, Intro Magazine: After a year break „Spot On Demark“ is back in cologne and attracts the biggest crowd ever. For the first time the event was included into the programme of c/o Pop festival. When you had to wait in line to get inside during the shows it got pretty obvious, that this was a great idea. Also it payed off, that the concerts were moved from the smaller Studio672 to Stadtgarten – one of Cologne’s finest middle sized venues. Over 400 people were constantly in the room and most of them being at the free event out of pure curiosity. That’s how you like your showcase nights.

Julias Moon was the opening act at SPOT on Denmark and played for more than 450 German guests at Stadtgarden (foto: Fabian Raclet)
Julias Moon was the opening act at SPOT on Denmark and played for more than 450 German guests at Stadtgarden (foto: Fabian Raclet)

It was a perfect crowd for starting band Julias Moon with their R’n’B driven electro pop. The keytar, a keyboard that is worn casually like a guitar isn’t, the only highlight of the show. „They will be big“, says Klaus Fiehe of WDR 1live and the german answer to John Peel, when I met him for a cigarette shortly before the show Klaus noted “That’s what the kids listen to these days!“ Well, he might be right.

Afterwards Blaue Blume really caught the attention of every last person in the room with lead singer Jonas Smith’s falsetto floating over fascinating 70’s soft rock melodies. “I never heard something like this before. Really unique!“ Ricki Mandala, a DJ from Chile who was going to play the c/o Pop festival the following day, gets really exited when talking about the show afterwards. But even without such international praise the band’s first appearance in Cologne could hardly have been more of a succes.


Many people from the German audience came specific to see Asbjørn play (foto: Fabian Raclet)


Asbjørn has already played the city and built up an audience here so its not a surprise that it is even more crowded in the first rows when the singer and his band enter the stage to perform a high class synth pop show.

Kill J was the last act to play (foto: Fabian Raclet)


Shortly after it’s all about “Let’s burn it up!“ Kill J posted this earlier on her facebook page and the gig at Stadtgarten proves her statement right. A great finish of the night.

If you were lucky enough to be one of the delegates who where inivted to the reception before the shows, the night started even more spectacular. Birger Enni, chef, captain of his own ship and supplier of seafood to the famous restaurant “Noma“ in Copenhagen, brought a selection of superior sea food. Have you ever tasted deep sea fish?

Chef Birgir Enni and C/O Pop’s Jutta Unger
_DSC3580 copie
The guests were served a delicious buffet inspired by the Scandinavian Kitchen

* SPOT On Denmark er et samarbejde mellem ROSA – Dansk Rock Samråd, SPOT Festival og MXD – Music Export Denmark.

** SPOT On Denmark at C/O Pop er støttet af Statens Kunstråd