Danish Takeover in Berlin!



The Danes are coming… 

… and they are bringing a bunch of handpicked Danish DJ’s .

Danish Takeover is a new and exciting concept, where the founders of the union handpick a crew of the best Danish DJ’s – new as well as established artists. It is going to be a returning event all over Europe and they are going to start in the cultural city of Berlin.

Danish Takeover’s first lineup is a nice mix of an established artist with international success, and upcoming artists with huge talent. The headliner Faustix is a well established DJ and producer, who have made music with both Diplo from Major Lazer and MORTEN and latest he have had a song in the Bernie Sanders campaign. The rest of the lineup is packed with talent, both as DJ’s and as producers. Pentia, Solki, MRTN and DØ CHEF DØ all have a bright future ahead of them in the music scene.

The whole lineup represents a variety of genres, from Deep House to Trap and EDM. One thing is certain, there are going to be music for a wide audience and they can all make your body move in a way you thought impossible.

“We made this concept as an opportunity for the Danish DJ culture to expand into the rest of Europe” says the founders Martin and Chris about Danish Takeover and continues: “The mass of talent in Denmark is huge and we want to give Danish DJ’s an opportunity to play outside the Danish borders”.

The first event will take place at Musik und Frieden on the 17th of June. Doors open at 23.00 and cost 10 euros in entré.

Facebook-event here