Denmark at Eurosonic 2024

Hvornår 17 - 20.01.2024
Sted Groningen, Holland
Projektleder Carolina Echeverri


2024 Kicks off and with the start of the year comes Eurosonic Festival, one of our favorite showcase festivals in Europe. This year we are happy to have six amazing acts performing at the festival, with five of them taking part in the official program.

MXD will be at the festival, so do write us if you are in Groningen (

Clarissa Connell by Amy Gwatkin


Clarissa Connelly is a Scottish-Danish composer and producer based in Copenhagen. In 2020, she self-released ‘The Voyager’. Her second album, written throughout a great hike of ancient paths of Denmark, won her the prestigious Nordic Music Prize. Its fresh and radiant atmosphere, full of wonder and enchantment with nature, straddles the structures and cadences of traditional Nordic folk music with abstract digital experimentation. She has also suppirted Jenny Hval in Europe, performed with Laurie Anders, sold out her latest two shows in london and has been selected for the Caroline Polachek mix in Apple Music.

Performing: Wed 17 JAN – Stadsschouwburg – 20:50-21:30

Lucky Lo


Lucky Lo is the pseudonym for Swedish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Lo Ersare, whose music is like a game of hopscotch. It jumps between the even and the odd; the groovy and the unexpected. And like the game’s multicolored chalk squares, Lo and her band traverse ground and subjects of light and dark colors, her honest, heartfelt, and sincere vocals shining through all the while. Lucky Lo has played more than a hundred shows incl. festivals at home and abroad, and had her songs played on radio stations across 17 countries. Recognition has also come in the form of notable media attention from BBC 6, KEXP, Sveriges Radio P3, Danish national radio, NRK, radioeins and much more. And prestigious awards such as Talent of the Year at the Danish music publisher’s awards, Carl Prisen, and the Swedish music critic’s award, Skaps Prisen.

Performing Wed 17 JAN – WeNutButter – 21:30-22:10

Aysay af Sebastian Vistisen Toft


A dazzling marriage of cultures, eras, and styles: AySay create music that transcends all conventional boundaries and genres. Growing up with both Danish and Kurdish roots, mastermind Luna Bülow Ersahin fell in love at an early age with Arabic lutes – and especially with the mystical elegance of the oud and the baglama. With her bandmates Ersahin incorporates synthesizers, bass guitars, flutes, and a whole range of carefully selected samples into the idiosyncratic AySay sound. They have played Roskilde Festival (DK), Heartland Festival (DK)and Tønder Festival, as well as festivals abroad such as Sinsal (Spain), Reeperbahn festival (DE),  Les Escales (France), Mundial Montreal (Canada) and Le Grand Soufflet (France) including a summer tour in Canada. Most recently, they won three Danish Roots Music Awards in the categories: Name of the Year, Album of the Year (Su Akar),  Luna Ersahin as Composer of the Year, and  grazed the cover of the Danish main music magazine GAFFA.

Performing: Wed 17 JAN – Grand Theatre Main – 22:10-22:50 and Thu 18 JAN – PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) – 12:50-13:10

Prisma by Bobby Mandrup


Since 2020, PRISMA have been handed several awards for their brand of electro pop and their shows, including a Danish Grammy (DMA) for ‘Best New Live Act’. Growing up in Odense, teenagers Frida and Sirid found a special sound with inspiration from Agnes Obel, The Raveonettes and Trentemøller. The PRISMA universe is filled with Nordic minimalism, noisy guitars, electronic soundscapes and beautiful vocal harmonies. Their debut album is scheduled for release April 2024. Prisma have played support for The Ark (120.000 people), Roskilde Festival, Bylarm, Reeperbahn, Stay Out West, Dockville festival and did their first Berlin sold out show January 2024.

Performing: Thu 18 JAN – MAAS Main – 22:50-23:30

Julie Pavon af Naomi Kapusy


Julie Pavon literally becomes music when the beat drops. The Danish artist with Honduran roots empowers everyone with authentic lyrics and unbridled energy. Inspiring people to be themselves with no compromise, just like she is herself. For Pavon music is a playground to experiment with her direct approach to songwriting and a way to process her inner turmoil as well as the joys she carries inside. In her lyrics, she examines and challenges her own views on society, her generation, the mind and her inner duality. Julie has been making waves from the Hermès Paris Fashion Week-catwalk, over Gilles Peterson’s BBC airwaves, Power Play on Danish P3 to the crowds at The Great Escape, Heartland, Roskilde Festival, and this year Lollapalooza in Berlin.

Performing: Thursday to Friday night 19 JAN – Forum Rabostudio – 00:10-00:50