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Af Annett Bonkowski

In connection to Chinah’s perfomance at Ja Ja Ja Club Night in Berlin MXD’s reporter, Annett Bonkowski, had a talk with some of the people behind Ja Ja Ja and, as well as other people from the German music industry.


Melanie Gollin (Credit Annett Bonkowski)

Melanie Gollin (FluxFM Radio)

Ja Ja Ja‘s concept is enviable. I think it‘s very clever to bring different bands from all over Scandinavia together and present them to an audience overseas. With three acts performing at the event, there is no overload with new talent emerging, but a varied programme instead. It is a good way to portray what is happening musically in northern Europe. I attend the event regularly and find it to be very well-organized and charming. The audience seems to be genuinely interested in the performances. Usually, there is always at least one band that is captivating. With Ja Ja Ja you can get a lot of musical input for very little money. It‘s cosy, it has a sense of community and it‘s modern.


Norman Fleischer (Credit Annett Bonkowski)

Norman Fleischer (Editor-in-Chief / Nothing But Hope And Passion)

I often attend this event because it is a nice get-together and an interesting way of discovering new talents. Our blog has focused on bands from Scandinavia for a while now and I‘m a big fan of supporting upcoming bands. This whole event has been going well from the start and the buzz hasn‘t stopped yet. Nordic music is especially significant to me, personally and professionally. If you‘re interested in music of high quality, you can‘t pass by Scandinavia to find it.


Sven Städtler (Credit Annett Bonkowski)

Sven Städtler (Verstärker)

Traditionally, there have always been great bands coming from Scandinavia. I think it‘s very special that acts are given the opportunity to play outside of their home countries. The atmosphere at Ja Ja Ja is lovely and the programme well-balanced. It‘s great that the concept is open to all kinds of genres. Maybe that‘s why the development of the club night has been so healthy. If you have an affinity for nordic music, it‘s something worth checking out whether you are part of the music industry or simply a fan.


Simone Kornalewski (Credit Annett Bonkowski)

Simone Kornalewski (Nordic by Nature)

I love the fact that people are confronted with three newcomers from Scandinavia every time they go to Ja Ja Ja. Chinah, for example, have just created a little buzz in some very important blogs with their singles without having a big team behind them which is great. It‘s good to see a band with a female singer in between all these male dominated bands. Chinah‘s fusion of R‘n‘B and electronica is really good. I hope the event will continue to put new talent into the limelight in the future that might be overlooked otherwise.


Vivien Mierzkalla (Credit Annett Bonkowski)

Vivien Mierzkalla (Verstärker)

Ja Ja Ja is a great place to discover what is currently being traded as the next big thing from Scandinavia. Apart from that, the event is very hip and it‘s fun to be exposed to a lot of different types of music this way.

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Interview and photos by Annett Bonkowski who is a musicologist and freelance writer based in Berlin whose work has been published in various print and online media such as Intro, Musikexpress or NBHAP.