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Ja Ja Ja x Bird On The Wire: Great News, Yangze, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes



Ja Ja Ja 

– A Nordic Affair –

The spring season of Ja Ja Ja is coming to an end… (booo!)

Where does the time go, ay? April’s event will be the final London show before we take a little summer break, so to make it extra special we’ve teamed up with the amazing Bird on The Wire. Being one of our favourite independent promoters, we knew we could trust them to pick a stellar line up – and they certainly have.

After careful consideration, Bird on The Wire have selected their favourite up-and-coming Nordic artists to play for you on Thursday 26th April at The Lexington; Great News (NOR), Yangze (DEN) and Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes (SWE). Get to know the full line-up below…

Get acquainted with Ja Ja Ja’s fresh new faces below, and sign up HERE to become a member for discounted tickets, free merch and other Nordic delights. Tickets on sale now via Billetto; £7 in advance and £5 for Ja Ja Ja members.

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Yangze may be a new name on the Danish scene, but Jakob Littauer, the man behind the alias, has plenty of experience – he was part of techno duo Electro Juice and Jatoma before taking up classical piano and playing live with acts like Liss, Goss and Soleima. Yangze combines Littauer’s electronic past and interest in avant-garde with pop and takes the listener’s mind for a melodious ride with a romantic twist.

We don’t know much about YANGZE but he is part of Copenhagen-based collective Escho, a Danish-focused platform which shares and documents music recordings and book writings. YANGZE opens 2018 with “R U”, a cold-but-playful electro-pop offering centered around pitched up vocals and pulsating rhythm. As the artist detailed to The Fader, where the track was premiered, “R U” was an ambient track that he rediscovered a year after making it. He also added: ”For me, it was about pouring out desperation and carelessness into one song. I wanted to express these emotions into music in order to get them out of my system and arrive at a place of relief.