Join us at Ja Ja Ja in Berlin on March 12th, with Cell7 (ICE), SKAAR (NO) and Josephin Bovién (DK)!



Ja Ja Ja

_ Nordic Music Affair _


As ever, we’ve scoured the music scene of the Nordics to find the freshest, best new talent for you to discover. So without further ado, meet the line up that will be joining us at FluxBau in March!

Having just received a Nordic Music Prize nomination for her latest album, Icelandic hip hop artist Cell7 is set to join us all the way from Reykjavik. One of the most revered and respected artists in the 101 rap scene, Cell7 will be bringing tunes from her record Is Anybody Listening? to life at FluxBau – not to be missed!

Joining Cell7 will be Norwegian artist and songwriter SKAAR, whose releases to date have already racked up multiple millions of streams. Her debut EP is due for release in the very near future, so join us at FluxBau for a taste of what’s to come.

Completing our line up will be Josephin Bovién, a 19-year-old singer from Denmark who’s already graced the stages of SPOT Festival and Distortion, as well as releasing her debut album, Caramel Baby. Offering up a deeply personal brand of R’n’B, this performance will be Josephin’s first in Berlin – so grab tickets to catch the show below!

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Cell7 | SKAAR | Josephin Bovién
Thursday 12th March 2020 // FluxBau, Berlin




Cell7 [ICE]

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The Icelandic hip hop scene may still be young and small but Cell7 – a pioneer of the genre and a rare female presence in a male-dominated world – is not just one of its steady fixtures but also one of its brightest stars.

As a veteran of the Icelandic rap scene, Cell7 is constantly cited as an inspiration for established artists and women just breaking into the genre. She returned in 2019 with her sophomore solo album, Is anybody listening? and proves yet again that she is one of the most original voices out there.

Recently nominated for the Nordic Music Prize, Cell7´s second solo offering exudes the confidence of an established artist but also exhibits the vitality of a growing one. She shines in this tour de force, exhibiting new range and versatility as she not only raps but sings and produces some of her own tracks.

There is real soul, strength and insight here, all of it steeped in infectious grooves and melodies and a full-frontal arsenal of rhymes that show that Cell7 is ready to decimate any preconceptions of what Icelandic music should sound like.



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SKAAR (pronounced: score) has quickly established herself as one of the most interesting artists within indie pop. With her raw, distinctive and powerful voice, the talented 21-year-old from the west coast of Norway has become a well-known voice among music lovers after releasing her debut single ‘Higher Ground’ in September 2018.

Born Hilde Skaar from the small island Stord in Norway, surrounded by fjords, forests, and mountains, she began writing music and playing guitar at a very young age. On this little island, she grew up experiencing total freedom and the feeling of belonging somewhere. Very attached to the astonishing and sometimes brutal nature around her, she has realized that the nature inside and the one surrounding her can be similar sometimes. Just like you can experience all four seasons in one day if you travel to the west coast of Norway, she can relate to feeling exuberantly lively and cheerful one minute and almost explosively emotional the next. In these oscillations, friction arises and often results in a flood of inspiration and creativity, which fuels her urge to write music.

SKAAR’s incredible talent as an artist, but also a songwriter, resulted in a record deal with Warner Music at the age of 19. A couple of years later she has released four singles – ‘Five Times’, ’24’, ‘Wicked Rhythm’, ‘Higher Ground’ – as well as her song ‘It’s Christmas After All’ that she wrote for the Netflix series Home for Christmas.

SKAAR’s very first EP The Other Side of Waiting is due to arrive in the spring.


Josephin Bovién [DK]

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The 19-year old singer Josephin Bovién released her debut album Caramel Babe in October 2018. Since then, she has quickly established herself as one of the most promising young Danish RnB artists, with a deeply personal sound and a series of acclaimed live performances. An artist of many talents, perhaps Josephin’s biggest quality is her willingness to experiment and challenge her own artistic expression. As she put it herself, in connection with the release of her last single ‘The Right People’ x ‘Know That Woman’:

“I place enormous value on being able to express myself freely, without any regard whatsoever for rules or conventions. You have to trust in your own originality, even if that means the road to success might be a bit longer.”

Since the release of Caramel Babe, Josephin Bovién has won acclaim for her performance at SPOT 19, as well as playing support gigs for Saba and Homeshake and shows at Distortion 2019 and Aarhus Volume. In September, Josephin had her debut headline show at the legendary venue, Vega in Copenhagen.


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