Join us at Ja Ja Ja in London on the 13th Feb, with Yung (DK), Detalji (FIN) and Red Moon (NO)!


Ja Ja Ja

_ Nordic Music Affair _

Ja Ja Ja will be kicking things off in London on Thursday 13th February with a diverse line-up, giving you the chance to meet the finest rock, electronic and pop propositions coming out of the Nordics right now.

Joining us will be Denmark’s Yung, a punk-infused, powerful live band who’ve conquered pretty much all the festivals in their native Denmark, releasing an album and multiple EPs along the way. Joining Yung will be Finnish electronic maestro Detalji, who performed for us in Berlin back in 2019. With intense, powerful beats and striking imagery, Detalji promises to bring pumping electronica to The Lexington, so make sure to pay close attention. Completing our line up is a fresh Norwegian face Red Moon, who’s set to release brand new music just ahead of the show! Already tipped as one of the most exciting artists coming out of Norway this year, we’re thrilled to be hosting Red Moon’s first-ever UK show.

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Ja Ja Ja Proudly Presents:
Thursday 13th February – 7:30PM ’till late


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Yung [DK]

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Yung is a four-piece rock band hailing from Denmark. After three years of extensive touring and a long line of releases, Yung took a step back to be able to set the sails for further venturing. While the past months have been quiet externally, the band have been reassessing their focus internally.

Upon reaching the common ground for operating the band, they’re now working towards sharing the fruit of their labor with the world. The band has grown as both individuals and a unit as democracy and cohesion have become new points of focus in a collection of new material where synergy is the driving dogma. Embracing a wider palette of inspiration, new songs are on their way as we speak and new releases are expected in 2020.


Detalji [FIN]

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Detalji is the solo project of Krista Myllyviita, a Helsinki based artist and producer who first started making left-field electronic pop from her bedroom after attending her first rave with her sister at the age of 18. Up until this point, Myllyviita fulfilled her musical desires singing and playing guitar in various bands, but she was always striving for something different. And so in 2016, after a few years of exploring and developing her sound, experimental electronic project Detalji was born.

Rising from the thriving Finnish pop scene, Detalji is an artist forging her own path with ambitious tracks written for international crowds. “I do everything alone, using tools on my computer, a few synthesizers, Ableton Live and a microphone.” she explains, a process which all takes place in her studio apartment in a gloomy part of Helsinki called Itä-Pasila.

Detalji will release the single ‘Without You’ on the 7th February ahead of the EMMA GAALA, at which she has been nominated in the category of Best Electronic Artist.


Red Moon [NO]

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Red Moon is a 26-year-old singer crafting an entire musical world from a sleepy Norwegian town. Taking the experience of a childhood spent traveling, Red Moon makes the kind of life-affirming pop music that speaks to humanity – with all the memories, nightmares, dreams and stories that come with it. “I’ve been moving back and forth,” she says of a youth that saw her born in Switzerland in the summer of ’93, move to Norway at the turn of the millennium, back to Switzerland for her teenage years and back again to the town of Nittedal, Norway in 2014. Daughter to a Norwegian mother and a Swiss-Italian father, Red Moon felt, as she puts it, “like an alien, different from those around me,” and although she spoke several languages from a young age, “Music became my language of choice,” she says of the time. “It enabled me to truly express myself.”

At first, that expression took many forms. “My mum told me that, when I was about three years old, I liked to do everything. Drawing, trying to act, making up home performances or just singing and doing music.” Encouraged by her artistic parents, Red Moon knew she had to express herself in some way and music felt the most natural way to do so.

Her environment, as is often the case with musicians who make truthful and honest music, has had a huge influence. “It’s very quiet and really beautiful to live in Nittedal,” she says of the town, just northeast of Oslo and with a population of just over twenty thousand. “Sometimes I like to go out in the forest and take a hike to see the lakes. It’s become this magical place for me where time stands still and I get the opportunity to reflect on life and the journey that I’m on.”

At the moment, that journey involves splitting her time between quiet Nittedal and the quicker pace of the nearby capital where friends and musician friends alike surround her. “I love the city life and its fast pace enhances me to work productively,” Red Moon describes. “But Nittedal has become like a safe haven to me. Somewhere I don’t have the interference of others. Somewhere I can create my own musical universe.”



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