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[1/3-1/9] LA Crushing on DK Online
In the spring of 2021 we continue our platform to help make connections between the Danish industry, and the worlds entertainment capital, Los Angeles. 

Due to Covid 19 we will be swapping the warm California weather for Zoom, but we will keep the margaritas and the great networking. The platform once again will culminate with a visit from the LA contacts to Denmark in the fall 2021, to meet the rest of the industry, the artists, the studios and our local culture. 
Morning Coffee With the Nordics feat. Metal in the Nordics Online at 10.00 Where are you having your morning coffee on Thursday? We suggest you join NOMEX (Nordic Music Export) and have your Morning Coffee with the Nordics, every Thursday for 5 weeks from 8th of April.

In a series of panels, business case presentations and Q&A's we will hear from our nordic colleagues on how they set up international careers for artists. 
SPOT Festival Aarhus SPOT Festival vender i Juni tilbage efter sidste års aflyste festival. Festivalen er en af de vigtigste musik eksport begivenheder i Danmark. Festivalen's ledelse er i fuld gang med at planlægge den bedst mulige publikums og branchefestival og MXD vil ligeledes være klar til at invitere udenlandske branchefolk til Aarhus. 

For mere info om årets udgive af SPOT Festival følg med her.
Jury: Bands bookes af SPOT Festival
Danish Night at Reeperbahn Hamburg Mere information følger tættere på dato

Jury: Bands udvælges af Reeperbahn Festival
Nomex 20 under 30 Oslo

Once again we will be shedding light into the best talent the Nordic Music industry has to offer, when we hold the prestigious 20 Under 30 at ByLarm 2021.
Due to Covid 19 the celebration has been moved to September, but we will be having the open call to nominate talent in the late Spring 2021. 

For more info and a glimpse of the previews winners please check here.