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[MXD Networking @ SPOT] Meet BACKSPIN

Asbjørn Hæstrup

Once again this year, we are inviting several key international industry professionals to attend SPOT Festival. All of them will be joining us at the MXD Superball @ RADAR as part of the SPOT+ programme, but until the festival kicks off on May 4th, we will be bringing you brief introductions to them, including where they come from, what companies they work for, what bands they want to check out at Spot, and much more. We look forward to seeing Niko Huels of BACKSPIN.

Name: Niko Huels


Title: CEO

Based in: Hamburg, Germany

Can you tell us a bit about your media’s history?
BACKSPIN started its with the first Print Issue in 1994 and is still the oldest active Hip-Hop-Magazine in Germany, but nowadays we also have a big Online and TV presence.

– and a bit about what Backspin has been up to this year?
BACKSPIN is Hip-Hop, and so it is beside the daily business a goal to cover hip-hop all over Europe, to show what’s happening in other countries. That’s why BACKSPIN will be at SPOT Festival this year.

When was the moment you personally decided you wanted to work with music?
It all started in 2001, as an author for BACKSPIN.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Spot Festival this year?
The Plan is to put a SPOT on what happening in the danish rap-scene.

Best liveshow of your life, hands down?
Deichkind, Germany
Jay-Z, USA