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[MXD Networking @ SPOT] Meet Culture Collide

Asbjørn Hæstrup

Once again this year, we are inviting several key international industry professionals to attend SPOT Festival. All of them will be joining us at the MXD Superball @ RADAR as part of the SPOT+ programme, but until the festival kicks off on May 4th, we will be bringing you brief introductions to them, including where they come from, what companies they work for, what bands they want to check out at Spot, and much more. We look forward to seeing Si Hawkins, writing for Culture Collide.

Name: Si Hawkins

Title: Music Journalist

Based in: London

Can you tell us a bit about your work at this year’s SPOT?
This year, I’m covering SPOT for one of my regular outlets, Culture Collide. It’s a US music and travel site that started a couple of years ago, founded by one of the guys who used to run Filter Magazine. They run some pretty cool festivals/events over there too.

– and a bit about what you’ve been up to this year?
My year has been totally dominated by my upcoming wedding – which is happening the weekend before Spot! So I thought I might have to miss the festival this year.. Instead, we’re kind of making it a working honeymoon.

When was the moment you personally decided you wanted to work with music?
I’ve always been geeky about music, but the first time I really thought about working in it was the moment I went to a meeting at the University of Sussex newspaper (The Badger!) and the music editor handed me a pile of pre-release CDs to review. That was it. No going back.

What are your favorite Danish acts and who are you looking forward to seeing at Spot Festival this year?
Great line up this year, two of my favourite Danish acts are playing – Farveblind and Get Your Gun. I’m really hoping they don’t clash. The Nico Muhly/Teitur thing sounds pretty exciting, and also keen to see Slotface, Omar Souleyman, Velvet Volume and Siv Jacobson, plus Nelson Can, who I think are playing one of the label parties – really enjoying their upcoming EP.

Best liveshow of your life, hands down?
I always remember seeing Radiohead support REM just as The Bends was coming out, they still weren’t particularly cool then, as they’d been written off as a sort of corporate UK grunge band before that. They stormed on, didn’t say a word, played the best 45 minutes I’ve ever seen, and f*cked off.