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[MXD Networking @ SPOT] Meet Loud & Quiet

Asbjørn Hæstrup

Once again this year, we are inviting several key international industry professionals to attend SPOT Festival. All of them will be joining us at the MXD Superball @ RADAR as part of the SPOT+ programme, but until the festival kicks off on May 4th, we will be bringing you brief introductions to them, including where they come from, what companies they work for, what bands they want to check out at Spot, and much more. We look forward to seeing Daniel Dylan Wray of Loud & Quiet.

Name: Daniel Dylan Wray

Company/media: Loud & Quiet / Freelance

Based in: Sheffield

Can you tell us a bit about Loud & Quiet’s history?
A monthly free music paper founded in 2005. Distributed throughout all of the UK, as well as New York.

– and a bit about what L&Q has been up to this year?
L&Q began in 2017 with an exclusive interview with Brian Eno on the front cover (conducted by myself) and will be continuing its constant mix of brand new exciting music alongside such established pioneers throughout the rest of the year. It will also be continuing past relationships with music festivals by partnering up once more with the likes of Primavera and End of the Road, the latter of which L&Q have their own stage at.

What was the moment you personally decided you wanted to work with music?
I knew from a very, very early age that music would play a fundamental part in my life simply down to the fact that I listened to it every day. As for music creating such a stir in me that I felt compelled to write about it and it turning into ‘work’, The Velvet Underground had a big helping hand in that.

What are your favorite Danish acts and who are you looking forward to seeing at Spot Festival this year?
I’m very fond of Marching Church and have yet to see them so I’m looking forward to seeing them very much, especially after recently interviewing Elias Bender Rønnenfelt about his favourite records of all time for The Quietus’ Baker’s Dozen feature, i found him to be an interesting guy.

Best show ever of your life, hands down?
Impossible to say, but seeing Swans at Sound Control in Manchester in 2012 was a life-changing moment. I’d never experienced anything like that and it altered me.