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[MXD Networking @ SPOT] Meet Reeperbahn Festival

Asbjørn Hæstrup

Once again this year, we are inviting several key international industry professionals to attend SPOT Festival. All of them will be joining us at the MXD Superball @ RADAR as part of the SPOT+ programme, but until the festival kicks off on May 4th, we will be bringing you brief introductions to them, including where they come from, what companies they work for, what bands they want to check out at Spot, and much more. We look forward to seeing Tanju Boerue from Reeperbahn Festival.

Name: Tanju Boerue

Title: Head Of Production

Based in: Hamburg

Can you tell us a bit about Reeperbahn Festival’s history?
Reeperbahn Festival was created in 2006 with the concept of a club festival, loosely inspired by SxSW. It quickly grew, involving a strongly curated programm, plus showcases and adding a conference B2B part. A personal aim: obviously, as you know, club festivals have an additional responsibility to inner city developements and towards the neighbours who live around the area. So we care a lot about quarter developments.

– and a bit about what you’ve has been up to this year?
Each year of course we look at new exciting locations that we might be able to include. We present shows on boats, in churches, a bank, sometimes in strip clubs, all along with the many live music clubs in the area. 2017 will see the inclusion of the new Elbphilharmonie. So, be surprised, and stay tuned what’s coming up.

When was the moment you personally decided you wanted to work with music?
“I danced myself right out of the womb”…

What are your favorite Danish acts, and who are you looking forward to seeing at SPOT Festival this year?
I loved The Sods (who later became Sort Sol) for being without compromise; of course I like Efterklang or Agnes Obel (who I tourmanaged for some time). For this year’s SPOT, I’d like to catch Goss, Lydmor, sirWas, Marching Church, Velvet Volume among many more.

Best liveshow of your life, hands down?
The original Ruts, most likely. Most energetic live band there ever was, I guess. Super Collider in 2003 (I think) are probably right up next. But to be fair, I’ve seen so many bands in my life, and there were so many small, now unknown bands that shook me up – and if only for 40 minutes – they deserve the credit for keeping the energy alive. Some make me scream, some make me cry, those who leave me untouched are boring, of course.