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MXD Spotlight @ SPOT Festival 2016 – part five

Asbjørn Hæstrup


MXD Spotlight is back! This weekend, we’re showing you the faces of some of the many Danish and international music industry professionals attending SPOT Festival 2016. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.


Paul Scaife, Record of the Day

Hi Paul, can you tell us a bit about Record of the Day? It’s a music industry news-site. We present one track a day that has the potential to become a big hit, mainly European music. I’m the owner and am here at SPOT to find some cool bands to feature.

Did you watch any good shows yesterday? Yeah, last night was great! I saw Liss, Axel Flovent, Albin Lee Meldau and Liima. All great. Tonight, I’m going to watch Lowly, Søren Juul, Nabiha, Gundelach (I’ve heard them before and I think they’re great), Oskar Jefsen


Inger Bråten, Killer Inc.

What do you guys do at Killer Inc? We’re a promotion and management company based in Norway. We work with the bigger Norwegian festivals like by:larm, Øya and the new metal festival Midgardsblot. I also work on the Phonofile Nordic Music Prize.

Did you see any great shows so far? Guns, Liima (which were great), Pernille Rosendahl and Den Sorte Skole. I would have loved to see Frisk Frugt, but I couldn’t, unfortunately. I’d love to check out some Danish hip hop today. A colleague of mine told me that Danish hip hop is great.


Jorge Bizarro, WHY Portugal/AMAEI

Hi Jorge, what brings you to SPOT Festival? I’m here promoting Portuguese music with the exchange platform WHY Portugal, where we facilitate the export of Portuguese music and make contacts between the Portuguese and international music industry. For example, we helped Playground Music get into the Portuguese market by getting them into the rights association.


Kristoffer Rom, Tambourhinoceros

What’s your business at SPOT this year? We have 4 bands playing: Irah, Exec, Palace Winter and Frisk Frugt. So I’m basically here promoting them and keeping in touch with business contacts.

Did you watch any good shows yesterday? Yeah, Liima, Svin and Vores Allesammens. Also Frisk Frugt was great. Tonight, I’ll watch my own bands, of course, and also Lowly and Girls in Airports.


Omar Suller, World Around Music

Can you tell us a bit about your company? We’re a booking agency based in Barcelona. I mainly book international acts for Spanish festivals such as BAM, Sonar, Sos 4.8, Pirineos Sur and Primavera

Which concerts have you seen so far? I saw a lot yesterday; Ida Gard, The Awesome Welles, Northern Assembly, Chinah, Guns and Sondre Justad. All were great. I’ll go watch The Courettes, Lowly, Emilie Ramirez and Phlake today.


Tom Cater, Universal Publishing

Hi Tom, what kind of artists do you work with? James Blake, FKA Twigs, Drones Club, Fickle Friends – mainly alternative pop.

What shows did you particularly enjoy yesterday? I watched Slowolf, which I really liked. Tonight, I’ll watch Eera.


Madison Norris, Zync Music

What are you looking for at SPOT? I’m looking for a superstar; it has to be celebratory, unique and work well in TV, ads and movies.

Did you watch any good shows yesterday? I saw Guns, which I loved. Tonight, I don’t really know where I’m going. I might go watch Irah.

Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more updates