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MXD Spotlight @ SPOT Festival 2016 – part one

Asbjørn Hæstrup


MXD Spotlight is back! This weekend, we’re showing you the faces of some of the many Danish and international music industry professionals attending SPOT Festival 2016. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

2010-01-01 02.23.03

Carlos Albuquerque, calbuque.com/freelancer for Rolling Stone Brazil

Hi Carlos, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work: I’ve been writing about music for 25 years. At the moment, I’m running my own blog at calbuque.com and freelancing for various magazines.

What’s your business here at SPOT? I’m looking to find out more about the workings of the Nordic music market, and I’ve interviews planned with Narcosatanicos, Den Sorte Skole, Bremer/McCoy, Lint and Wangel for Rolling Stone Brazil. I’ll be going to all their shows as well.

2010-01-01 02.06.38

Naja Detrekoy (left) & Houwaida Goulli, recordJet/Filter Records/Where People Play

Can you tell us a bit about your companies? recordJet is a distributing company, Filter is a record label and Where People Play is a booking agency. So you could say we offer 360 deals to artists – mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We charge a yearly fee, but the artists get 100% of their royalties.

Are you looking forward to any shows in particular? We got a tip about TOM And His Computer and we’re also going to watch Liima

2010-01-01 01.50.53

Simon Alter, Musszo Booking

Hi Simon, what sort of artists do you work with? Mostly pop, jazz, folk and world artists. I’m currently working with Teresa Bergman, Holler My Dear and Ya Puso La Marrana.

What are you looking for at SPOT? I’m mainly interested in new business partners – not so much new acts.

2010-01-01 01.49.00

Peter Buchheit, Pretty in Noise

Tell us a bit about your work: I’m the product manager at the German indie magazine Pretty in Noise. We focus mainly on Noise, electronic and alternative acts. As the product manager I follow the magazine from A to Z, working on contracts, promotion, etc.

2010-01-01 01.42.38

Benjamin Randbøll (left) & Morten Lech Pedersen, Carpark Festival

Can you guys tell us a bit about your festival? Carpark Festival is a 2-day festival in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. We focus mainly on up and coming acts, like the ones from Karrierekanonen (Danish talent competition) and also have a lot of other cultural activities like stand-up comedy and bingo. We’re at SPOT looking for acts for this year’s festival and are really interested in Chinah and Wangel, among others.

Which shows are you going to? Chinah, Wangel and many more!

2010-01-01 01.36.57

Jan-Simon Wolff, Department Musik

What sort of acts do you work with? We’re a Berlin-based label with a really big range. Mostly pop and rock. We work with the likes of Heisskalt, Grizzly, Miller, Lot and Die Lochis.

Are you looking forward to any shows in particular?  11th Street Kids, Who Killed Bambi and Saint Cava.

2010-01-01 01.33.13

Kilian Mutter, Just Because

Can you tell us a bit about Just Because? We’re a swiss booking agency, working with acts like Ryan Hemsworth, Ghost Poet and Alex Vargas.

Which shows are you going to tonight? Definitely Liss, Chinah, Alex Vargas and Sea Lion

2010-01-01 01.23.01

Christian Edler, Nordfjord Music

Hi Christian. What’s Nordfjord Music? It’s a small label based in Germany. We used to work with Ludwig Van, but actually don’t have any acts the moment. I’m quite interested in working with some of the acts playing here at SPOT, but I want to talk to them myself before I can tell.

2010-01-01 01.17.05

Lele Lucas, Alex Berlin

Can you tell us a bit about Alex Berlin? We’re a public access radio and tv channel based in Berlin. It’s basically open to everyone to do anything.

Which shows are you looking forward to the most? I’m really looking forward to Molly and Møl.

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