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MXD Spotlight @ SPOT Festival 2016 – part three

Asbjørn Hæstrup


MXD Spotlight is back! This weekend, we’re showing you the faces of some of the many Danish and international music industry professionals attending SPOT Festival 2016. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.


Si Hawkins, Clash Magazine

What are you up to here at SPOT? I’m mainly here to write concert reviews and some more general stuff on the festival, but I’m also going to be attending some panels. I haven’t planned which concerts I’ll review, I’m just hoping to find them as i go. I actually did a top 5 of my favorite SPOT concerts some time ago. I remember Kellermensch was on there; they got me into the heavier genres.

Which shows are going to go to? There’s so many I’d like to see. But I’ll definitely be checking out The Hearing and Liss. I heard Velvet Volume earlier, they are amazing.


Vidhi Gandhi, Ninja Tune

Hi Vidhi, what do you do at Ninja? I’m an A&R. Currently, I’m working with artists like David August, Conner Youngblood, Odessa and Tiga.

Which shows are you looking forward to in particular? Sera, Liima and Sea Lion.


Sean Sprey, Greco-Roman

What do you do at Greco-Roman? I’m label manager and A&R. We mostly work with pop and dance music. We’ve signed artists like Roosevelt and Tirzah. I’m here at SPOT Festival looking for artists and managers to connect with. I’d really like to talk to the guys from Skandinavian.

Which shows are you going to watch? Liss and M.I.L.K, definitely.


Jesper Gadeberg, musicstylist.com

Hi Jesper, what do you guys do at musicstylist? I’m a music supervisor. I get hired by different brands to find music for their ad campaigns and such. I’m here at SPOT for mainly 2 reasons: networking and attending panels – I am doing some talks myself as well. Also, I’m always on the lookout for new bands and tendencies in music.

Which concerts are you going to watch? Liima, Kill J and Chinah


Tim Joppien, TMJ Music

Tell us a bit about TMJ: We are a booking and management agency based in Berlin, founded this year. We mostly work with indie, folk and singer/songwriter acts. I am the manager for Jim Kroft and Arionce and booking agent for Bender & Schillinger.

Are you looking forward to any shows in particular? I’m mostly looking to find something I haven’t heard before, but I’m really excited about Liima.


Pelle Thiedemann, A.S.S. Concerts

What do you do at A.S.S.? I’m a junior booking agent. We work with bands like Lucky Chops, Jack Savoretti and Yuma San. All kinds of genres.

Which shows are you particularly looking forward to? IAMJJ, Velvet Volume and Ary


Martin Tilschner, finetunes

What are you doing here at SPOT? I’m mostly here for the networking. Scandinavia isn’t the biggest market for us, but we’re always looking for labels to “hand over” to our partner, Phonofile.

Which shows are you going to watch? Liss, Wangel and M.I.L.K all look exciting.

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