MXD Spotlight @ SPOT on MaMa 2015 – part one


We’re back with our MXD-Spotlight series! This time we’re showing the faces of the music industry at SPOT on MaMa. Here’s some of the many music business people, who attended MXD’s Networking event prior to the night’s concerts.


Delphine Grospiron, Midem

Hi Delphine, what’s your position at Midem? I’m the Live Music Director, responsible for the business fair. I’m also involved in The Midem Artist Accelerator.

Are you looking for anything in particular? I’m always on the look-out for content partners who can bring value to our festival. Also, I’m looking for bands for the Artist Accelerator, even though we get a LOT of applications.



Erwan Julé, Online PR, Boogie Drugstore PR

Hi, what’s your business here at MaMa? I’m just here for the general networking and meeting with some of our business partners.

Who are you business partners? We’ve worked with a lot of different companies; Eurosonic, Warp Records, Mute Records, One Little Indian… We actually also did the French PR for SPOT Festival.



Thomas Bredahl, Co-Founder, Heartbeat Management

What are you doing here at MaMa? I’m here with Lydmor & Bon Homme, who’re on our roster. They’re playing tonight.

Are you looking for anything in particular for Lydmor & Bon Homme? Yeah, we’re looking for French agents for the band. We have a pretty good setup in most other markets besides France, which we think is a great scene for this kind of music, and WhoMadeWho (Bon Homme’s other band, red.) already have quite a name here.



Phillippe Le Breton, MaMa Event / Bars en Trans / Trans Musicals

Hi Phillippe, are you looking for anything in particular here at Spot On MaMa?  I’m always on the look-out for new contacts and bands for the festivals. I’m looking for most genres, especially electro and hip-hop. Bars en Trans is Trans Musicales’ off-venue festival, which is mostly for French bands, though. I’m also looking for technical collaborators, for stuff like tickets and administration.



Maxime Peron, Underdog Records

Who do you work with at Underdog? We’re working with quite a lot of Danish bands, actually: Dafuniks, Sweatshop, Nana B, all of which are doing very well in France, despite not being very well known in Denmark. We mostly work with hip-hop and soul music. Also some pop and folk.

What are you looking for at MaMa? I’m looking to find new bands! I had some great meetings this morning, for example with Sidsel from Beatbox (see our Spot on MaMa Spotlight part 2 here).



Emilie Quentin, Koliapov Production

What do you do? I do booking for French and international bands, mostly hip-hop and indie-rock. I work with bands such as Too Many Zooz, The Brother Moves On and Bombay.

And what are you looking for? I’m looking to meet people from venues and festivals, mainly in France, since that’s where my area of expertise is.



Stéphane Cabane, Freelancer doing PR

Hi Stéphane! What kind of artists are you looking to work with? All kinds of different styles. I’ve worked with everything from pop to rock and world music. I’m basically looking for bands that I get a crush on.

What’s your business here at SPOT on MaMa? I’m looking to meet with some of the people I’ve worked with, like Printemps de Bourges, Melodyne and France Inter.



Giovanni Trono, Musix:lx

What’s Music:lx? It’s Luxembourg’s music export office, so we’re basically the Luxembourgian version of MXD.

Are you looking for anything in particular tonight? Yeah, I’m looking to meet with bookers and festivals from Germany, France, The UK, Japan and the Nordics.



Steffi Paxon & Yannick Crémer, musicians

What kind of music do you guys play? We play pop music, fused with blues and funk. We’re inspired by the likes of Jessie J and Alex Hepburn.

Are you looking for anything in particular? We’re looking for booking, management and labels.


DSC01956Annie-Claire Hilga, Francofans Magazine

Hi Annie-Claire, what sort of magazine is Francofans? It’s a magazine for singers and I’m here to get some interviews with the bands playing. I also write for the webzine La Magic Box, which is more focused on live reports and concert reviews.