MXD Spotlight @ SPOT on MaMa 2015 – part two


We’re back with our MXD-Spotlight series! This time we’re showing the faces of the music industry at SPOT on MaMa. Here’s some of the many music business people, who attended MXD’s Networking event prior to the night’s concerts.


Christian Ulf-Hansen, Plan C Management

Hi Christian, what do you do at Plan C? I’m the manager for Teitur, and do a lot of work in Scandinavia in general. I actually think I’m the longest running non-Danish guest at SPOT Festival; I’ve been there for the last 14 years. I really like the was that the SPOT people make you feel wanted at their festival.

Are you looking for anything particular tonight? I really like surprises, so I’m not looking for anything special. I want to fall in love with acts and I want industry people to fall in love with my acts as well.



Etienne Nicolini, Deaf Rock Records

What kind of acts do you work with? Mostly indie rock and pop. My roster consists of Colt Silvers, 1984, Birdy Hunt, among others.

What are you looking for tonight? I’m looking to connect with bookers from Germany and Scandinavia. I was at SPOT Festival where I discovered Baby in Vain, who I think are great. I’m really curious about the Scandinavian market.



Sebastian Meline, Les Tambours

What’s Les Tambours? We are an online music magazine. We do artist-curated playlists, a track of the day feature and have artists come do editing.

Are you looking forward to any of tonight’s acts in particular? I’m excited to see them all, especially Dad Rocks!, whom a friend of mine from Boogie Drugstore recommended. Also Lydmor & Bon Homme. I’ve interviewed Bon Homme in the past. I really like Danish and Scandinavian music, in general.



Sidsel Vita Christensen, Beatbox Entertainment

What do you do at Beatbox? I book international artists for Danish festivals like Northside and Tinderbox.

What are you doing at this year’s MaMa? I’ve had a lot of great speed meetings and have seen some interesting bands. I really liked AaRON and The Deaf.



Vitor Alves-Brotas, Agencia 25

Hi Vitor, what do you work with? I used to only work with Portuguese acts, but I’ve branched out to international acts as well. I’m doing a project called Off-Beats, which promotes Portuguese acts during the festival season.

What are you looking for here at MaMa? I’m looking for foreign acts for the Portuguese market. I know Lydmor & Bon Homme and I think they sound very interesting. I’m pretty new to this whole networking-thing, so I’m just learning the ropes.



Orianna Convelbo, Arachnee Production

What do you do at Arachnee? I’m a booking agent responsible for new names. I mostly look for pop acts, but I’m interested in all genres.

Do you know any of the Danish acts playing tonight? Yeah, I know Dad Rocks!



Anders Büchert, A.C.B Music

Which acts do you work with? I work with Waldo & Marsha, The New Spring, Palace Winter, among others.

Are you looking for anything in particular? Yeah, I’m looking for French promoters for Waldo & Marsha and Palace Winter. We’re looking to get into the French market and festivals like Printemps de Bourges, MaMa and Trans Musicales. Palace Winter has had some great publicity here with mentions in magazines like Lesin Rocks.



Kristoffer Rom, Tambourhinoceros

What sort of genres do you work with? All sorts. Mostly indie rock and alternative. We’ve signed acts like Rangleklods, Palace Winter and Treefight for Sunlight.

What are you looking for at MaMa? I’m primarily here with Palace Winter and focus on getting them booked. We’re also looking for synchronization.



Justine Debicki, Boogie Drugstore PR

Hi Justine, what do you do at Boogie Drugstore? I’m the co-founder and we did the PR for this event. We also work with artists like Grizzly Bear, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. I’m here tonight to meet some of the lovely Danish people and meet some of the labels.